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My99 Uk turbo 


where is the fuel pump relay ?

and what does it look like ?

ive done a lot of searching and googling with no real joy.

it seems to be a bit conflicting,so now I’m becoming confused 


hence I’m here asking 

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For a RHD MY99 i believe it  should be up under the drivers side dash on the bulkhead outboard of the pedals and have a green 4 pin plug.

Next to it will be the main relay with a brown plug



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Thanks Don

Ball ache to get to but I found it...

So....The issue !

There is a noise coming from the engine bay when the ignition is on but the engine is not running.

The fuel pump is also constantly running when ignition is on and not just priming for 3/4 seconds.


I disconnected the connector block under the rear seats to the fuel pump this morning.

turned ignition on,obviously no fuel pump noise but also the noise in the engine bay had disappeared.

so we’ve narrowed down the noise in the engine bay to the fuel pump constantly running when just on ignition.


So assumed it could be the fuel relay hence the original question.

Now Ive pulled the 4 pin green connector from the relay 

Turn ignition to on

The fuel pump is back to being constantly on and the noise in the engine bay is back 


surely pulling the connector from the relay would shut down the power to the fuel pump.


any advice as always is appreciated.



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Where abouts in the engine bay is the noise coming from??

If it's drivers side rear of the inlet manifold, it could be the fuel pressure regulator passing fuel back to the tank as there is no demand. Primimg AFAIK is controlled by the ECU and pump is switched back on when engine starts.

Has this just started happening or been there since you started restoring?

Sounds like there maybe a wiring issue?


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Attached are two relevant pages for the MY00 engine electrical wiring diagrams (should be the same as MY99??).

Although for LHD model  (MY99/00 workshop manual info difficult to find) it should give you an idea of the wiring layout (roughly the same for LHD/RHD) although it's possible wire colours could differ.

As can be seen the fuel pump relay activating coil is supplied from an ignition circuit source (FB-10 fuse #11) and its output controlled by the ECU.

The switch side of the relay, which also supplies the Main relay, is a direct battery supply (MB-3 SBF-5), and then onto the pump direct.

If the fuel pump runs with the relay disconnected, when you turn the ignition switch, can only surmise there is a possible short of some description with the ignition supply feeding the pump direct.

The only other relay in the vacinity is the blower motor relay which should have a clear/white connector.


MY00 LHD Engine diagram 1.pdf

MY00 LHD Engine diagram 2.pdf



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Thanks for the above Don..


you mention this below what were your thoughts on this 


The only other relay in the vacinity is the blower motor relay which should have a clear/white connector.







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i thought my days of fault finding on these these had gone !!

we restored my My99 uk classic in lockdown

now my lad has gone and bought one !!!



looking under the dash/steering wheel area for anything out the ordinary

We have 4 wires cut as they come out the connector blocks it would be handy to know what these are 

so can eliminate them and try to understand why they are cut.

The drivers side footwell Bottom of the A pillar there are 3 connector blocks 


any chance you can find the wiring diagram for these please 

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Colour pictures would be helpful to clarify what cut wires/connectors you are talking about.

The nearest workshop manual to MY99/00 I have (in full) is MY97 with a few circuit diagrams for MY98. For MY99/00 there were some changes ( engine wiring changes EJ20G to EJ205)

I would say that two of the blocks at the base of the A pillar are probably for the Door loom and the rear loom but without knowing proper location and a view of the wiring colours difficult to say for sure.

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sorry for for the delay


I’ve just been speaking a friend who’s a retired auto electrician.

He will come and have a look but he’s asked for the following wiring diagrams 


ecu/engine management 

fuel system 


can you help ?


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On 29/04/2021 at 12:08, Robbie09 said:



the auto electrician is asking for a wiring diagram for the sigma M30 alarm 




any chance you you can dig out these wiring diagrams I’ve looked everywhere !

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The Sigma M30's in the late classics were AFAIK retro fitted on arrival in the UK by Subaru UK at their import centre so no readily available diagrams.

AFAIK the alarm wiring was not incorporated into the factory wiring looms until MY03.

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