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hi all just a quick question i only use my bugeye wrx at weekends and came to start it last Saturday and battery was dead so i purchased a new battery and got home Friday night and tried to start it again and battery was dead only just turning the engine over i have read a few threads on the tinterweb saying that imprezas are fitted with smart alternators so they only charge if something is turned on sidelights, blower fan, etc so is this true or not i cant trickle charge the battery as its parked outside my girlfriends house and no where to run the extension lead for a trickle charger and anyone know if the solar trickle chargers work or not, any help much appreciated as its doing my head in lol

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It depends how many wires are connected to the 3 pin plug on the Alternator.

It also has the bolt on terminal, separate from the plug  - main output to system/battery.

Pin 1 - return feedback voltage  to  voltage regulator

Pin 2 - charging light in dash/combimeter

Pin 3 - connection to ECU - controls regulator output - the "smart" part.  No load no charge.

If the alternator is charging it should be around the 14-14.3v mark

However it sounds as if you have a high battery drain issue for it to go "flat" so quickly.


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Most in car solar chargers plug into the cigarette lighter (front aux power) socket.

With most, if not all Subarus this is not connected to the battery unless the ignition switch is in the ACC position, so bear that in mind.

Some solar chargers (RING / Halfords) now have an accessory cable for use with the OBD socket for a direct live connection.


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