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Took the car out for a little drive today normally I only do 8mile to work an back so don't really pay much attention to the boost gauge but watched it for 1st time an its running at 15psi peaks at 20psi then holds at 15psi, does anyone know what power it could be running at its a wrx300 standard is 265bhp am I right in thinking its around 280 maybe a little lower

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There are far to many variables to be certain but I would have said it’s close to 260bhp. I have always found boost gauges to read a little higher and not always accurate.

However if you add your SIDC sticker you will instantly get another 10 bhp anyway 😂😂😂 

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15psi is about 1Bar. That's what a 2.5 STI puts out O.E map and should give about 280bhp. Temp dependant. It's about as much as you'd want to put through a WRX gearbox though!  Any more you'd need the STI 6 speed. Mine is stabled at 1BAR and gives 285-300bhp depending on temp, runs slightly leaner as it's mapped specifically for V power. On Map2 it gives 1.5BAR, 23psi and that settles at about 360bhp and 400ft/Lb of torque. Frankly I only use that once in a blue moon. Standard is more than enough for normal road use.

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I'd have a long think about that.  The 6 speed has the front diff built in- different drive shafts and hubs and uprights ,etc. The rear diff is matched to the gearbox ratios, again you'd need the driveshafts, hubs etc, etc.

The 6 speed is a close ratio box and the top ratio isn't really any longer than your fifth. You're buzzing like crazy in an STI on motorways.

If you wanted to swap to a 6 speed, with all the extra stuff you'd need, even if you avoided a later DCCD box, you'd be economically better just buying an STI.

I didn't just say that because mine's still for sale by the way. 

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