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Rear Driveshaft question

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On 8/7/2020 at 12:11, Robbie09 said:

now sold

And to honest not really sure, some newage wrx parts genericaly fitted to a classic but with lots didnt.

really need to compare chassis numbers agaist parts manuals etc to be sure. Don is master on parts. tony

@The Don

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As far as I can tell a UK MY99 Turbo 2000 is fitted with the following rear drive shafts which are handed and are fitted to models below.




The last of the rear driveshafts fitted to the UK MY00 Turbo 2000 - there are 3 different part numbers - being  RH:28021FE140/141; LH: 28021FE150/151, were also fitted to the Newage WRX WAGON upto  and including MY04

Just to confirm, a UK  MY99 will have an "X" as the 10th character of the VIN and a "G" as the 4th character of the Applied model code. MY00 will have a "Y" and "H"  respectively




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The 4th character on mine is G and the 10th X

So on that assumption it won’t fit ??


ive bought it now 

it’s just this minute arrived they look very very similar 

but not quite an exact match !

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