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Hi All, So after 15 years finally getting a Scoob back on the Drive. I am based in Moray and although work has me travelling lots I look forward to hearing my MY05 Sti Widetrack PPP has been delivered next week. 

currently with all the Covid-19 sadly I am stuck in a zero travel zone but hope to return back to moray certainly before total weather loss. 

look forward to in the future catching up with other members 


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Hey Phil

Was that you I saw today behind the Maserati, Lambos and the nobhead beemer driver who nearly lost it coming off the Telford roundabout in Inverness? 

If it was then what a Cheshire smile you had and good to see another STI on the road. 


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Sadly Andy no, COVID still has me trapped overseas and still not seen or driven the car yet 😢 however it has meant a cheeky valet from Highland Valet so the car is looking fabulous just awaiting the chance to get home and finally be introduced to her! 

possibility in December but might now be after the New year has rolled in sadly 😔





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