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Replacement mirror

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Someone hit my parked car and has damaged my driver side mirror (no details were left and dont really want to go through insurance for something so minor) - not a big deal but I am having a nightmare trying to find a replacement! I was quoted over £400 for a new one from Aird Motors near Inverness. The glass itself isnt smashed and none of the electricals are damaged. I managed to find the cap that pinged off the back, the indicator glass is smashed on the mirror and the black plastic below that is ripped off and looks awful.... Any one selling one or know where to look?? 

Its a Subaru AWD 66 plate so should just be a standard fit for all newer models like XR etc as far as I'm aware. Thank you very much! Gill

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Hi Gill and welcome.

You'll need to elaborate a bit as all Subarus are AWD, apart from the BRZ.  Is the vehicle an Impreza, Levorg, Forester, XV, Legacy Outback or WRX STI  ??

Also 66 plate means very little with regard to actual model year. The "applied model" code from the VIN plate is much more informative.

The VIN plate is now mounted at the base of the passenger side B pillar between the doors.

An example VIN with the Applied model code circled in RED

Applied model code.JPG

Most of the modern mirrors have replaceable parts so if it is still working electrically, you may be able to just replace the skull cap and indicator assembly and lower trim piece?


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