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Hi, Looking for information on PIN for Subaru Forester

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Hello The Don,

Thank you very much for your reply and very interesting links.
The reason I was enquiring about PINs is that I have purchased a 2nd hand Subaru Forester.
After about a week, I used the key instead of the fob to open the driver's door and unwittingly set of the alarm siren.
This, of course, immobilised the vehicle. Now all I get is the siren  all the time. I cannot stop it.
Someone told me that if I enter the PIN into the keypad the alarm will stop! I will try everything.


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If you open the door with the key, you should still be able to turn the alarm off using the fob.

If you don't know the PIN but have a working key fob that unlocks/locks the doors then you can reset the alarm PIN on the alarm keypad which is situated in the coin tray by the drivers right knee.

A quote from the Sigma Sam thread

- A keypad is fitted to ALL models with the UK standard fit alarm system (from 99 MY) as an emergency override, in the event of loss, damage, flat radio key battery etc. (The keypad also allows the driver to access a number of features and is a complete programming tool for the dealers) and so pushing/recovery of vehicle’s should not be necessary provided you know your override PIN and ow to operate the keypad.


- The keypad can NOT be affected by "Radio Lock-Out", as it is hard wired into the system and does not rely on a radio transmission.


Keypad Use:

- The keypad allows only THREE PIN attempts and then will "Lock Up" if an incorrect number is entered a third time. This is a secuity feature to prevent random attempts at steeling the vehicle, however, it is also an inconvenience if you are suffering "Radio Lock Out" and enter your PIN incorrectly.


- The PIN number should not be entered too quickly or too slowly - when a digit has been pressed the small LED built into the keypad will illuminate briefly as confirmation and only then should the next digit be entered.


If an incorrect digit is pressed or the delay between entering digits exceeds10 seconds, then the LED above the keypad will flash rapidly and the PIN attempt should be aborted and started again after 30 seconds.


Due to the small size of the keypad some users may find a rubber tipped pencil easier to use. DO NOT use the sharp tip of a ball point pen etc, or press excessively hard on the keypad as this will only damage the membrane and cause a digit to remain pressed, causing a continual incorrect PIN.



My advice is to read the alarm system's instruction manual and practice entering the PIN before you need it. If you do not know your PIN, or bought the car second hand (in which case the PIN may have been changed by the previous owner) you can change the PIN to one of your own choosing, using the keypad, provided that you have a working Radio Key.


Changing your PIN:


- Arm and then Disarm the system using a working Radio Key.

- Within 30 seconds of disarming, type into the keypad: *17856*92*wxyz*wxyz# (where wxyz is your new PIN code)

- Arm the system with the Radio Key

- You should now be able to disarm the system using the new PIN code


Ensure your keypad is operational before you need it on a dark night!



User manual download








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Posted (edited)

Good Morning The Don,  Thank you for your reply which clears a lot of things up.  I didn't even know that there was a manul for the keypad and the alarm system.
Aah well, that's another couple of brain cells made useful. 
All is well that ends well.  Cheers


Edited by Tom Smith
pressed the wrong key !
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