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Good day out at the Galloway Hills

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Great day out on Saturday,

good old fashioned forest rally feel to the Galloway Hills Rally, with open access to the service area, free access to a couple of the stages and a nice souvenir for the boys courtesy of a real gent, Davd Bogie, who came up for a photo at the finishing ceremony and "presented" them with his ( empty) winners champagne bottle.   

Jock Armstrong' s Impreza came second in the SRC part of the rally.





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That's great buddy , I mean him taking a bit of time with you and your boys .

When I was about 10yrs I asked Nick Faldo for an autograph at the open championship …… he told me to naff off !

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Cheers lockheed, but one is grandson.  Im getting old.  

Yes DB deserves a bit of recognition for being so approachable and friendly.  

It made their day prior to the 3 hour drive home.

Great atmosphere at the rally and we went to the finish of the Scottish rally  rather than wait to see the BRC cars going through. 

Best of all there was a bit of a delay on a later stage ( like 2 hours) so the kids kept themselves amused running around the hill like haggis's ( you know those little rabbit like creatures with right legs longer than the left legs to make it easy on the slopes) and unsuccessfully trying to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together for half an hour, to keep warm like Bear Grills.  

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Was a good day, managed to see the BRC through Dalbeattie twice and then the SRC trough Dalbeattie & Black Loch, due to the delays didn't wait for BRC to come through Black loch as we had a 4 hour drive home.

Pictures are on Facebook




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