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Classic Subaru clutch replacement

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Hi, I have just bought a 1999

subaru  Impreza T180 FWW. Old school classic reliving my youth. It needs a new clutch due to noisy release bearing.It is totally standard, apart from

pro-drove exhaust.  I had a nightmare with a clutch replacement on our family galaxy , and am keen to find a reliable affordable garage to do the repair. Can anybody recommend one? and give me an idea of what I should be paying ? Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, Nogutsnoglory413 said:

Good question ! 😂 Coventry 

as its release bearing issue, maynot need flywheel!!!! After 2nd clutch normally needs flywheel depending on driver. :whistle: but definately change flywheel bearing. :ay:

if does needs flwheel, get ACT lightened.

Caution on very cheap fleabay parts. i used to get mid range pice and top quality at AS performance

approx. as guide

 £150-350  Exedy range from 230mm 5 speed kit

£100-250 fitting depends on hourly rate, cash job and experience.

£15 gearbox oil 

£15 Fwheel brg

so without Fwheel circa£400 - 450  with£620-700


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