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THE DON help on 2011 door mirror

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My Passenger Door mirror motor clutch  is @@@@ motor works permanently but not driving  

Wheres the cheapest to get a new replacement Folding heated adjustable etc  

in no hurry as cut cable to motor also not bothered about colour coded as the cover is ok. 



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Part code: 91031U - Part Number:  "Door mirror unit kit-left" 91029FG170  (Used my VIN to confirm all bells and whistles version)


MY11 LH mirror.JPG

Most parts sites show this as "no longer available" - looks like breakers yard, unless Subaru UK has one in stock somewhere...............

not cheap when new


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Just arrived from the dealership. 

As you see New and complete bar no colour coded panel and no indicator.  


So guess the price. 





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Hope it was a good price 😉

To get the scalp cap off, the lower trim piece and to remove the indicator assembly from your old mirror you'll need to remove the mirror glass first.


mirror glass.JPG

scalp cap.JPG


Removing the complete unit is a door inner trim removal jobbie............

door trim1.JPG

door trim2.JPG

door trim3.JPG



door trim4.JPG

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£289 delivered  so lockeed closest 


forgot sidc discount 🤬

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