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Hi, hope everyones got their factor 50 on.

So ive been noticing a bit of play in the drive train .

I bought some new engine mounts (not fitted) a group n pitch mount and a group n front diff mount both of which are fitted I also want purchase a rear diff brace.

so I guess my question is which year impreza has the same rear subframe as my foz sti if any?, ive already bought one that advertised it would fit but its nowhere near.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Don you are correct the holes on my subframe are offset one being up the other being down .

the product I bought was summit swave item with the holes that mirror each other .

I did see a summit swave brace like the beatrush one you showed but couldn't find it again on google , im better armed now .

Would the panel think it would be just as good to use the uprated super-pro bushes that just used the existing holes ?

If so what part no ? and also they now make inserts to fill in the voids on existing bushes , are these worth a look?

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This is what I did in the end and it has made a tremendous difference , while the diff was out I took the opportunity to replace a weeping drive shaft seal .

While I was in there I replaced my rear whiteline 22mm arb for this prodrive item .

Now I don't know much about anything but the car ride is much softer whilst having more loss of understeer to the point where it feels like a cart ……. prodrive trickery I suppose.

I test all my steering /handling mods on this road .





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