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Sold my E46 M3, onto new pastures

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Evening all,

Just sold my e46 m3 after 3 years of incredible ownership. M3Cutters was a wealth of knowledge and hoping SIDC is the same. really enjoyed SIDC track nights at Knockhill which gave me faith 👍

always wanted a Blobeye since I was a kid although I’ve always had a soft spot for a hatch (I know, I know, please don’t hate me too much)

Been eyeing up hatches for a while, this one popped up on PH today. Opinions welcome. If the owner or previous owners are on here 👋 (mods if this is against the rules, I’ll happily deleted the link)


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Hi and welcome,

I don't know the car personally but it looks great in the pics and the specs are good. A bonus is it has already been forged 👍

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hi and welcome to the club

i dont know the car either. But if i was after a 2.5L Hatch the ad and supporting2 mods would appeal to me.

Although with track work,  i would look for a 2.0L jdm version but normaly 15-20% more money.

buying a scoob

lowest miles

most service history

owned by enthusiast, even reciepts for air fresheners LOL

be wary of multiable recent owner

avoid 2.5L engines!!


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