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Competition - Auto Finesse Kit

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For a chance to win this Auto Finesse cleaning kit completely FREE simply comment you answer to the question below.

The person who is the closest on the 31st March will win the kit.

Q. How many miles has my WR1 done?

Clue: It’s between 133k and 140k


In the event of a tie where 2 people are equal distance from the actual total their names will be entered into a randomiser to select the winner.

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And the winner is...…………………. @ccrien  Well done Colin I will pop the kit in the post this week.

Unlucky to the rest. I will have a look through the magic cupboard of internet shopping and post another comp soon.

@conrod @johnmacdonald @Fizz @salsa-king @scoobro @scoobyjoff @stano4130 @leon77 @kxtsti @stimulation @Mister_T @WRX-Dan @t5nyw @James Mullagh @Andy-grimes @Wagonroy


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