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03 Expensive engine oil is a waste of money

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With only a handful of oil manufacturers in the world is it worth paying the extras for expensive oil? Are you just paying for a Brand? Would you use oil from Amazon?

Let the opinions flow


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to be honest £20 or £100 for  5ltr its peanuts compared with a cheap £5,000 engine rebuild.


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Amazon? What, it's probably recycled chippie shop cooking oil! For years now, I have used Millers nano tech  competition engine and transmission oils. Expensive, but evaluated to per day, it's cheap.   As said by Tony, why risk an engine, gearbox diffs failure...

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My T30 was tracked from 1000 miles to 21000. My average service mileage was 1,100 miles

so under 10p a mile for oil and filter. 

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