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Mrs Mac works three days a week and drives very capably to and fro and I am left with the C350 AMG Coupe. However, yesterday, took her in the STi over to Bishops Stortford for her annual (expensive ) Christmas shop with a friend  to London. Due to massively disruptive road works on the A120 left me with the opportunity to dial in sport mode (sport sharp too extreme) and tackle the narrow, wet, greasy back lanes back to Braughing. Fabulous and a reminder of the latest STi's capabilities in the wet. Return evening pick up equally amazing, only marred by Mrs Mac's imploring me to slow down. I guess it does not appear so enjoyable from the passenger seat!

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It is amazing the difference you feel in the passenger seat. As the driver you know it will stick round the bend but when you’re the passenger it feels like you’re heading for the ditch. I guess you get the extra feedback from the steering to feel what’s really going on.

Always good to keep your passengers on edge 😂

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Must say that the WRX STi's roadholding in the wet is markedly superior to our previous five Imprezas - almost appears impossible to lose grip at the very fastest roundabout entry and exit.  On rails as they say!  Fitting of Eibach PRO-KIT springs and their recommended four wheel alignment settings have definitely had an effect.  And very impressed with the Dunlop Sport Maxx RTs, having previousy stuck with Pirelli P Zeros.  Will always recall some scary moments with the RB5 PPP and widetrack Impreza STi PPP, even on dry roads!  Must admit that when Mrs Mac is driving enthusiastically, I do feel a little nervous - unfair, as she has driven Scoobies since 1998 and never had an accident in 50 years...

Also so good to drive such a relatively rare car.

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100% agree, as tyres are everything when it comes grip , i smile when owners put wing wang woo tyres and a handling turns car into dog poo . :wacko:  i use pilot sport 3 on the red one, fair grip on wet or dry. 

tbe standard 4WD geo is notoriously bad. they must use a piece of string, with knots in.


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My Hawk was utterly crap as standard. Even with the RE070 it felt it was relying on the tyres rather than any inherent chassis ability. The Coilovers and Whiteline kit I've fitted have given it a lot more natural feel, grip and balance. 

Whiteline ALK. Removes the understeer under power and stops the front being too stiff under braking. 

Whiteline adjustable Rear ARB. I use it on the softest setting.

BC ZR Coilovers. Ordered with minimum 10kg/8kg springs. +40mm length. IO run them at O.E. ride height, less 10mm at the front.  I changed the rears to 6kg and fitted the rear 8kg to the front.

Roll balance is totally neutral, with no tendency to dip at either end and a nice fluid feel. Even for such stiff springs, the damping is really plush and goes from flouncy to rigid in the middle half of the adjustment range. Proper quality from the Taiwanese firm, they share only the outer bits from lower down the range. I also use Neoprene boots to keep them clean.


It does sometimes take a decent drive to remind you what these cars are capable of. Enjoy!

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