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2010 STI saloon - how bad is the EJ25 really?

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New member here, going to look at a 2010 UK STI saloon tomorrow, low mileage, and allegedly has been very well looked after. 

I cant help but feel paranoid about the ringlands/head gasket problems that Google at least would have you believe are pretty prevalent in the 2.5. What are peoples thoughts? Is it a case of rolling the dice or should I reconsider?

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Rolling the dice, and maybe having a continguency fund for a rebuild.

Have had my 2010 MY11 saloon since new and it's 8 years old on Monday (5th).

Has run with Subaru's Pro-R performance upgrade (340BHP/360Lbft) since May 2011.(4800 miles)

Had to have the head gaskets replaced and bottom end refreshed in June 2016 (47422 miles) as the heads had started to lift under boost.

In my case the ringlands were fine.

Not all suffer, seems to be a bit pot luck and whether the car has been run in properly and run sympathetically, or modified during its life.



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Interesting, the car im going to see is the same age, and also running the 340r pack, its sitting on 39k.. The problems just seem to be way too common to be ignored - in all honesty I'd be throwing the majority of my funds at the initial purchase. 

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Seems pretty backwards that an STI owner should tiptoe around opening up a fast going road car

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mine failed just under 3yr old at 19,000 . always serviced 6 monthly and not yearly. Always V power, Driven quickly but still my shopping scoob. Engine done in warranty but i paid 1k extra for forged pistons to be fitted.

on other hand one is 85+k and no sign of issues.

test cold start up exhaust, check fluids

get warm do 30 miles check fluids

leave to cool for 15 to 30mins start up and rev up do the same checks.

check for oil in water or bubbling

check oil filler for milky water (water)


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Bought our EJ25 2.5 hawkeye WRX PPP in 2006 and replaced 2016 with current 2.5 WRX STi. No problems whatsoever, but never driven enthusiastically until warmed up, rev limit not exceeded and always run with relatively expensive Millers competition oil...

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With the EJ 2.5 it really depends on boost. If left standard, it really will last a long time. Providing you stick to service schedules. It seems the O.E 1.0BAR is spot on for this engine. If you go above 1.2BAR boost, it lifts the heads causing head gasket failure. Above 1.3BAR and it's virtually guaranteed they'll blow.

Ringland isn't too much of a problem if you let it warm up first. Other than that once the gaskets fail, the No 3 gets too hot and then the ringlands can go.

The 2.5 is NOT a competition homologated engine. 

Not, your Hatch and later cars aren't strictly EJs I believe, but FB engines. 

My EJ257 had been run at 1.3BAR and it had done the gaskets when I bought it. I could smell it immediately before I bought it and the sale was mutually agreed on condition. It had 36,000 miles on it. Alan Jeffery got it, forged pistons, rod and balanced crank in the rebuild, with 11mm studs and Cosworth gaskets. It now runs 1.5BAR absolutely reliably all day long... Not cheap, but peace of mind..

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