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Need some advice please when I put full lock on the steering the  right wheel feels like it’s scrubbing when going back and forward  any ideas please 
it’s a 2015 WRX STI

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Does it do it more when you are reversing while on lock? 

Mine does it, it’s like it’s crabbing a little. Something to do with the diff. It has never caused any issues and I have always considered it a feature 😎 Someone with far more tech knowledge will no doubt give you a better explanation shortly.

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Quote from another subaru forum on the subject

"By the way, my car occasionally shudders a wheel. Usually at low speed in parking lots. Often while running over some form of debris or manhole cover.

Just a bit of 4WD wind-up undoing itself."

Can be caused by tyres having different circumferences due to wear (Normal to replace all four tyres together and rotate front to back annually)

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mine does same getting in and out of a tight drive,.

depends on if struts are worn, type of road surface and type of tyres.

try putting DCCD in Manual and 1Bar. should improve a bit. if so probably ok. if still same maybe rear struts. 45+km


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