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Storm Trooper is for Sale

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I have copied this from Facebook for those of you who don't have access. If you have a few quid laying around he is only asking for about 95K 😱

Cars like this very rarely come up for sale. This car was built to target World Time Attack 2017. We finished 4th in Pro Class, 3rd in the final shootout and fastest 4WD car of the event. Competing against cars costing hundreds of thousands of £££ more. This result was with less than 20 laps practice on the circuit and with a non-Pro driver. If you watch the in-car footage in the link below, you will see this is a very stable car to drive, there is so much more to come from this car at SMSP or any track where the power and aero combine to create a very fast package.

Latest spec World class AMB aero. Wind tunnel researched and real time live track data optimised aerodynamic package, including the latest tech highly efficient Infinity wings. We had some sponsors on board to help with this but you would not be able to buy this aero design, manufacture a full set of CNC machined resin patterns, create high temperature moulds and then manufacture it in dry carbon for less than £60k. Full carbon set of panels on the car. Also included is a spare carbon front end and splitter. There is also a full set of custom high temperature autoclave moulds to allow economical individual panel replacement if required.

EG33 (3.6ltr) Subaru engine, billet 79mm stroker crank and rods, mahle custom pistons, full supertech valve gear (9500rpm) with lightweight solid followers, titanium retainers and hollow sodium filled inconel valves, custom billet cams with adjustable wheels. Fully linered 98mm block, 14mm studs, Dailey dry sump system with 4 stage scavenge. New Precision 8385 twin scroll billet turbo with 1400bhp flow potential. 12 new 1300cc ASNU injectors. Last dyno'd a few years ago at 1010bhp at 1.9 bar boost on a much smaller turbo/injector set up for circuit use, optionally it will run up to 2.5 bar for 1/4m use, circa 1300bhp. Also 300bhp N20 system to add on top, should that feel slow 😉 This motor has now been in the car for 4 years, running without issue. The car can be supplied with this existing motor or with the fresh built spare. These engines are quite expensive to build initially but then they are very cost effective to maintain. New pistons/bearings/gaskets/valves/bolts rebuild costs approx £2k in parts.

Very low miles (under 150) mid/rear mounted R35GTR Stage 2.5 transaxle built and supplied new by Shep trans in the USA. Billet clutch baskets, race clutches, viton seals, clips and all the usual upgrades that make these transmissions cope with big power. These dual clutch transmissions don't wear out like a dog box or dry clutch set up however should a spare ever be required, complete replacement units are available off the shelf and can be built rated to 2500+bhp. Cosworth front diff. Custom front chain drive rated over 1000bhp only transferring a clutch controlled 300bhp maximum to the front wheels, complete with spare chains (you will not need them!) Syvecs S8 ECU with traction control, launch control, closed loop ignition and fueling, 12 power settings, various fuel maps. Syvecs/Life racing PDU controlling all power systems in the car, reporting data via Syvecs ECU. Nissan TCU reporting to and controlled by Syvecs ECU. Data displayed on AIM colour dash. All control units are fully unlocked and will be supplied with backup maps.

Double wishbone suspension all round. Alloy uprights. Inboard dampers/rockers. Moton/AST 3 way coilovers and 3rd spring set up to cope with aero loads (without being oversprung for low speed) Lightweight hollow tubular adjustable ARB's front and rear. Alcon fully floating discs and 6 pot race spec calipers all round. Bosch Motorsport ABS and Tilton pedal box. Nissan carbon propshaft and GTR driveshafts. Rays Volk TE37 lightweight forged alloys 18x11 on new Yokohama A050 tyres, or a choice of Pirelli slicks/wets also available.

I am only considering letting this car go as as I get most enjoyment from the actual designing and building of cars, once complete, I run them, then kind of lose interest and this car has just been sitting looking pretty since its return from Australia. I'm now looking at heading in a different direction with a new challenge.

This car is fully eligible to enter World Time Attack Challenge 2018. Technical support and sponsorship to attend WTAC 2019 may also be available to the prospective buyer. The car retains OEM Subaru front bulkhead position, roof pillars, strut tops and mid chassis/floor sections in order to meet current World and European Time Attack regulations.

Detailed price available to seriously interested parties, as a guide, dependant on spares package, circa £95-115k
I can ship anywhere in the world at cost. May consider p/ex for interesting road car.
Test/familiarisation drive on circuit is available to verify performance only after transfer of funds.

Spares package listed below including new engine and custom enclosed trailer also available, not for sale before the car!

Full EG33 3.6 stroker engine, 1500bhp capable, fresh built short motor including Arrow billet 3.6 stroker crankshaft, new Crower rods, new Mahle box-in-box pistons, closed deck 98mm block, ported heads with full new set of supertech valve gear, ti caps, lightweight solid followers, new custom billet cams, 14mm studs. £12k
Set of new 18x11 Rays Volk TE37's with 1 lap old Yokohama A050. £3500
2x new Alcon floating discs. £500
4x new Moton/AST coilovers and springs. £3000
Precision 7675 billet turbocharger, new (rated at 1150bhp) £1500
Set of high temperature autoclave suitable moulds for front and rear wings, bonnet, bumper, splitter (top and bottom) and infinity wings POA, only available with car.
Also have spare alloy uprights, rose joints, wheel bearings etc that will go with the car.
Brian James fully enclosed tri axle trailer, very low and wide to allow car to drive in without removing the front end like most £9000







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thats a bargain :thumbs: awesome car

I thought id  say this about a perfomance mod but that rear wing may , is not for me :o


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On 11/10/2018 at 16:33, ScoobieFloz said:

Just get the spare engine @t5nyw

I am sure you might need it one day 😂

harsh but fair

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