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01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

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my uk choice by a whisker, would be the RB320.

Althouh it would be far ahead if not fot the 2.5L engine


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Did love the RB5 PPP, probably the most frantic of our many Imprezas. But then there was the blobeye widetrack STi PPP in silver grey with bright glitter PFF7S and all the Prodrive extras available. Current WRX STI not bad either!!! How do you choose?

STi March 2010 008.jpg

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Only problem I found with my old Blob was the bonnet lifting at the corners at speed. My Hawkeye doesn't do that. Forged 2.5 now so no worries about reliability either. That's the keeper for me.

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51 minutes ago, MarkJHarris said:

Nice. I wish I could get hold of a set of those headlight protectors now.

Have you tried? (I know not if still available)


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