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Michelin wants to replace oil with wood in tires

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This isn't click bate, you read that correctly.

Cyrille Roget, Michelin's worldwide director of scientific and innovation communication, said the plan is to create more sustainable tires in the future, and experiments with wood waste have provided a solution. The tire maker will incorporate elastomers from wood chips to replace a tire's oil content. Today, 80 percent of materials found in tires come from oil. In the future, that percentage will drop to 20 percent by 2048, Michelin believes.

Michelin continued to say that one day 3D printing will revolutionize the tire process. Where today drivers must physically change tires after the tread wears down, 3D printers could conceivably "recharge" tread. In layman terms, a 3D printer would print new tread when the tread eroded to an unsafe level. Roget even pictured a day when an electric car charging station also includes a 3D printer to "recharge" tire tread.

Think I will stick to Continental 🤣🤣🤣


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