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Vin numbers on an import

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I am in the process of importing my car and have been looking at insurance etc

Whilst doing this i realised that the car doesnt have the standard 17 character vin so my question is can i make it into a 17 number vin or do i just leave it and only put on the paperwork the 10 digits of the chassis number that i have 

What do you guys have on your log books?


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I am not trying to make it something its not i was just trying 5o make sure i put enough information on the forms , i just want to make sure that i am legal and perhaps just as importantly , should i sell it in the future all the correct details are there 

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I wasnt planning on just adding any old digits , i was more interested in wether dvla were happy to use the jdm system in its current format or wether they allocated their own system in order to make it into a 17 digit uk standard , eg maybe have the applied model code in front of the number and include hyphens or something similar 

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1 hour ago, t5nyw said:


Tony, your saying that the VIN listed above is not the VIN on the plate under the bonnet of the car?? and that DVLA make it up as they go adding two extra characters to make up the eight you suggest??

In the VIN sequences GDB-02972* there are 3 blue STi's and 2 blue RASC models plus 4 other colours.

No Subaru JDM VIN has more than 6 digits following the dash

JDM VIN structure.PNG


didn't realise yours was a 2door saloon either :thumbs: - looks like the DVLA makes mistakes :)





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1 hour ago, t5nyw said:

I’ll senf you my number. Could be 6 numbers


yes says two door ?

OK not seen it yet

51 minutes ago, ScoobieFloz said:

It also says ‘light goods’ :ag:

Back in the day it used to be a favourite classification: 2000 P1 ; private/light goods;   2001forester : private/light goods;  2003 forester : petrol car

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On 04/02/2020 at 10:19, The Don said:

2009 Impreza Hatch, 1.5L with Sports Shift in Spark Silver (C3S).

Build month 06/2009; Engine EJ154:  Model Code GH2B53S; Front wheel drive?;  Revision "B"


Nearest equivalent for Europe/UK is LHD only. (no RHD equivalent for FWD and auto)



Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

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Thank you so much, its the most confusing car I have owned to figure out. It has all the correct internals of an STI, light weight bonnet etc. and has been upgraded to chuck out 297hp. But has the wrong option option code as per the link and no sign of a plaque except for two indentation for it but never been drilled out to rivet. Will stay in the garage I think till I get the time to restore it as has some funny flaws like it would have been bright orange given the colour when opening the doors but currently a grey with really bad orange peel and bits of the V2 styling. But when I had it on the road was an enjoyable car to drive. 

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