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Hello all , its been a while but i made it back!

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Hi all.

I havnt been on here for a good few years now since i had an early m reg silver wrx which i went to japfest in with the group and then a p reg sti type r in sonic blue , both of which died after i had to sell , the wrx died under a couple of tonnes of scaffolding and the type r , p 927 yae was stripped and broken 

But after about 4 years away i have now moved back to what i love in the form of a legacy b4 rsk s-edition , may or may not be a keeper as its an auto but we will see in about 6 weeks when she gets to the uk !!

I loom forward to chatting with you all 




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Posted (edited)

Welcome back.

How are you finding the Leggy so far?

It looks fantastic in WR Blue!

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I love it , so much so that after a motorbike accident the wife said i could buy any car i wanted but i just didnt want to sell the legacy.

I have just put some prodrive wheels on just like my old ones and think it looks great .

So service kit next and maybe speaker upgrade 


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