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Sunroof rubber seal

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Hi guys, on my 2004 wrx I have suddenly developed a leak coming from the light in the front of the car (I also have a sunroof) now I’m taking a hazardous guess that the sunroof is the cause, but didn’t know whether there is an overflow pipe from the roof or anything else it could be. Would the safest bet be to get another sunroof rubber seal and where from as these things seem to be like gold dust, as I understand the sunroof isn’t as common as I thought! 

:blink:Thanks guys

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If it's an OEM sunroof there will be a drain at front and back on the passenger side + looking at diagram rear right aswell..

The rear one usually drains out behind the rear bumper, the front behind the front wing



You may find that one or other  drain hole is blocked but don't poke about too much or the pipes may come off.

Sunroof info:-



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4 hours ago, davemk39 said:

a dealer would get you a seal. just sit down before he gives you the price.

:ai: Just get the roof wrapped :ag:

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