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Power steering pump

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That' strange had my battery checked today just to see weather to change or not and thay said it was fully charged and in good order so ummmm ile be droping it of for mot soon fingers crossed let see what happens otherwise Ile have to change the infamous 0 ring :bp: 

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Quick update on my squealer wrx new "O" ring lubed and fitted belt tighten up, tried it seems ok but the test is in the morning fingers crossed this sorts the issue also gonna change fluid as well tommorow mmmmm please be a quick fix cos cant get a pump for love nor money thanks to you all for your suggestions and info ill let you know the outcome :ay:


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New update on my squealer wrx just started engine turned wheel from lock to lock and no squeal but now the pump is groaning under load so i guess the quick fix didnt work :stena: anybody know where i can salvage a pump cos i cant find one anywhere:bc:

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