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Power steering pump

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Well ive got a technical issue with THE REX my power steering pump is on the way out so i looked around for a replacment and they are nearly 460 beer tokens :( so im gonna source a good second hand one so my question is which one fits as theres so many variants any help in this matter would be appreciated :iamstupid:

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What's the technical problem??

"Problems" can sometimes be cured by replacing the "o"ring on the outlet from the pump. (34439FG000)


Have you tried changing the fluid as a first off ?? (Done by using a large syringe to empty/fill the reservoir, circulate fluid, emtpy/fill reservoir again, etc., until the fluid looks fresh)

Pump part number for the WRX is 34430FG000 superceded by 34430FG0009L 

Same pump fitted to 2008-9 Forester XT

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Hi Joff,. Sounds like steering issue but just in case- - -  - What's your battery condition like?   It's possible ( assuming this aux belt does both the power steering and alternator on your year car) that you battery is just a little short of charge after standing, and the alternator is working that much harder causing belt squeal for a few mins after a cold start?   Had a similar thing in the past on the forester, and it also makes the power steering a bit odd as the belt slips/ stalls because of the high load on the alternator. Only other sign was a slightly lower starter spinning/ cranking speed but barely perceptible. And it used to squeal more when my wife as reversing off the drive presumably full lock (load on steering) and seat, front and rear screen heaters on( extra load on alternator). A new battery fixed it for me.  

Hopefully the o ring will fix it for you though.


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Hya ccrein ill get the battety checked as the car stands at work all week while im out in the mercedes monster hadnt thought of that issue ill stick the new "O" ring in anyway just to see if it helps and mr floz i agree i thought the 'oh' ring was only avaliable on certian adult intrest websites :smeh: 

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Thats strange I've just poppd mine into the garage ready for a pre mot check and I've got the same belt squeal problem and twitching on full load steering, but only on first start up seems to get better when warmed up but still there! he told me the belt would need tightening the fluid is good not long changed only just started doing it plus I do leave it standing for a week or two at times but battery is new so hopefully Ok....MOT time in a few weeks so all should be good and problem solved..... I hope :smile: thanks for the info guys

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Sitting in this cold weather for a week unused might just drain the battery enough, along with stiffening up the belt when it's cold, to cause the issue?

  Costco warehouses do good Bosch batteries for about 70 quid if you know anyone that's a member to get you one.

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2 hours ago, scoobyjoff said:

Thats exactly the same issue i have leon once car is warmed up its fine and once its stood for any length of time the problem returns mmmm so were all saying its looking like the batterys knackered :hypnosis:

Get yourself a Ctek battery conditioner and give your current battery a really good full charge/condition - it's probably never had one since new.

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Mr floz im thinking your right the bug never let me down anyway new battery fitted slight squeal on start up but no where near as bad the battety was £80 from euro car parts but found a discount code and got it for £47 RESULT so ill replace "o" ring and new fluid at weekend and fingers crossed its sorted :bf: anyway a replacment for THE REX is on the horizon

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Just after buying the WRX STi two years ago, having sat in the dealers for a few weeks, it squealed on cold start. Soon after, battery completely failed, connected up part charged 10 year old OEM Subaru battery from previous Impreza and no more squeal. No problem since then immediately fitting a premium Bosch battery.  

PS. Old battery, now 12 years old still charges and maintains charge for months. Is this a record?

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