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Impreza Rear spoiler for sale

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For Sale 

Rear spoiler for bug eye, not sure what else it may fit. See picture of the part number. Never been fitted, still in original subaru packaging. 

NOTE: There is no brake light fitted!! 

Regal blue pearl. 

Nottinghamshire area.

Open to offers? ? 





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Hate to say this, but you can't give these things away. I have a Crystal Grey one (with brake light) and can't offload it even to the breaker! 


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I think you're about right , just seems a shame to chuck it in the skip.

The brake lights are worth keeping though.

Keep wondering if i could make some sort of ornament with it :unsure: .

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Saw one on the back of an old 3 series BMW the other week, looked odd,.    I wasn't quick enough to get a photo though.   Maybe he couldn't afford the petrol to run a real Subaru so was trying his best? 

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