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Weekend of mods

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Well ive had a eventful weekend went to touchwood shopping centre in solihull so she who must be obeyed could buy scatter cushions and smelly candles and after wandering in and out of several shops i stumbled upon the TESLA shop where you can configure and buy a tesla electric car ooooh blimey a shop that sells cars so after configuring my perfect tesla the temptation to press buy it now was overbearing lol so i left the shop before the salesman convinced me to buy the crossover with rear gullwing doors it was pure electric porn anyway modded the girlfreinds chevy with new wheel trims shes convinced the car handles better with them on :rotfl: i agreed just to keep the peace lets just see how many kerbs she can bounce off and knacker the new trims 



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!!! Not Electric !!! 

You could always play a CD with boxer engine sounds, maybe have some dump valve sounds too :rotfl:

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