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Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

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How do all.

Been on and off here a few times, been a number of years since i have had an impreza.


I have been on off playing with focus st's amongst other things, anyway got bored of them breaking.

My best mate was getting himself a m5, and selling his scoob which he got from subaru back on 42kmiles. since then i know everything he has done with it and what that it has been a great car for him. so when my focus decided to spit it coolant everywhere again i decided it was time to grab this good car off him


Its a 06 hawkeye, at 20k it had the prodrive kit fitted at subaru. other than that it is stock. I have a few plans for it. i do not want to touch the engine, he has kitted a KnN panel filter which will stay, my wife has also asked it to be a bit louder as only has a prodrive back box, which i like. So i looking around i will probably take off the last car and the middle silencer and see how that sounds, as i got to work at 5 in the morning at lot, also just coming from a very loud focus i don't want that again. (Rob on facebook has helped a lot with this)

other things i want to do, differnet set of 17s, something anthracite i expect just to give the car contrast, but not black. probably not 18s as i use back roads a lot. It already has a nice new set of rainsports on so they will just swap over. Also lower it slightly. I'd like prodrive springs but heard you can't really get them so probably a set of eibachs.  and maybe a front splitter. Oh and a set of antiroll bars.

I am not going mad as me and Ben (who i got the car from) have a RX8 was use as a full on track car

Just some subtle changes to make it mine really

any suggestions?


Interior is standard interior although i have fitted my bluetooth stereo. I need to chage the gearknob as its a bit worn, but thats it....


well enough of me rambling sorry, here are some pictures for you lovely people


36461731374_c2ea3a1896_k.jpgDSC_0162 by peteandkel, on Flickr

37156065121_ee3ec728c7_k.jpgDSC_0163 by peteandkel, on Flickr

37156065021_bb2de244c3_k.jpgDSC_0164 by peteandkel, on Flickr

36461730864_7ad97ff3bc_k.jpgDSC_0165 by peteandkel, on Flickr

37156064711_b7a9cb23f9_k.jpgDSC_0166 by peteandkel, on Flickr


36485148573_9f7faa3270_k.jpgDSC_0168 by peteandkel, on Flickr

36485148923_ab3da83af2_k.jpgDSC_0170 by peteandkel, on Flickr


this needs a good clean up, thats might be one thing i do :)

37156064441_9a5b075374_k.jpgDSC_0171 by peteandkel, on Flickr


36485147963_bb51602eb9_k.jpgDSC_0172 by peteandkel, on Flickr


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Glad to hear you have come back to the boxer world. Nice to see another wagon, there is not enough of them these days.

Mods are very personal and not to everyone's taste but since you asked :rotfl:

  • Rear tints
  • Bottom line kit


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Mmmmm yr mods are certanily personal mr floz shame there in a cupboard :icon_fU: anyway welcome back nice looking wagon is that colour champagne gold ???? My betterhalf loves that colour

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Hi Pete great car. I am a newb too but used to run a Hawk WRX SL wagon. Before I went for turbo swap I made. Few minor changes such as PIAA wipers and fitted roof rails for their utility - pretty easy bolt on with a dropped headliner. I also fitted the front splash guards and bumper spats which is a more OE alternative to a bottom line kit. I think they came as standard on the GB270 wagon. I had a black Prodruve shift knob which had a great weight to it but I reckon they have canned all their Subaru march. Agree with high level spoiler only, never liked the waist spoiler. As for back boxes I had an afterburner vortex from scoobyworld whih I loved. 

Same boat as you; just want to personalise my 340R a wee bit... thinking about it a lot. Enjoy!

PS I personally liked darker tints from b pillar back and fitted the lower single din storage pocket under the stereo as it matched the trim panel and hid my iPod. Oh yes - speakers? Fronts are godawful but you need shallow fitment for window glass clearance, I used alpines with spe-17sf suffix - sorry can't remember full code. Also an alpine plug and play power module....

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Hi guys!! 

thanks for the warm welcome

Rear tints are on my list, rear doors back i think


I have ordered a centre silencer delete, if that isn't enough i have found loads of backboxes, seen the vortex one, that is quite high on my list.. My neighbors never complain as i always have loud cars, but i do nights and go to work at 5 in the morning too so i'd like ot be a little carefull its only fair


Speakers yes defo need upgrading.. , i use the cubby hole to put my phone and it has the stereo mic as its blue tooth so plays all my music etc..


Colour wise.. silver.. thats about all i know :)

I am on the hunt for a gear knob, not yet found one i like..  so if you see anything please point me in that directionn

Whats a bottom line kit?........


loving the wagon, handy when i have 3 dogs, but it will always be kept spotless !!

have not yet found my seat position yet, but i will.




ps.s waist spoiler is a big no no for me too!! i so want to do the teeth in the scoop black soon as i don't like them

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very nice, yes agree lessis more.tints in rear tends not to offend most <_<

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Thanks guys
first mod was done today
the "teeth" on the scoop are now black
also arrived as i was leaving for work was the de-res centre section:thumb:

I am still contemplating suspension, i drive a lot of back roads and as i am getting to know it, i have noticed the stock suspension just kind of soaks up everything, not keen to loose that to be fair.. but its still 100K old springs on it....
i have fitted springs before and its become crashy on other cars.. maybe i just need to do ARBs? ormaybe whiteline springs i have heard good things about..

any thoughts on this? like say my daily commute is bumpy b roads

I think first place for improvment will be braided lines better pads and discs...

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I can reccomend M-TECH for discs and pads i just replace all four corners on my rex with drilled and grooved discs and fresh pads even had the discs painted with black protective coating they do other colours as well  look the mutts nutts also feel loads  more responsive under exitable driving lol well worth a look bud and very resonable prices as well just thought ide share my thoughts :D

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HI Pete 

I never took the plunge with the suspension setup because like you I found it quite compliant - more forgiving than an STi. Horses for courses. But Whiteline ARBs which I think are beefier than OE are well used, bushes and droplinks... maybe your rubbers could do with a refresh.

this was my wagon just so you can see the. Tints, Vortex and OE splash guard combo.....also the Prodrive gear knob and flap DIN pocket under stereo. Memory's got to me on some stuff I'm afraid.


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Oh like the prodrive knob :) need to find one of them

Also like those skirts :)

yeah the more i drive the car the more i like the setup as it is, so it may stay as is, time will teel, It is my family wagon not a weekend toy but a workhorse


undecided on the backbox yet, ill stick my new centre pipe on and see, as i do like the current noise..


yours looks really smartm would love a set of them skirts and rear spats


whats the OE splash guard? is that the black bits on the arches, as i have them

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No it's the additional bit behind each wheel arch, one kind of over the front of the sill and the other planted onto the side of the bumper, colour coded. Might be hard to get them now but you may find someone producing pattern copies. Doubt HT do 'em. DIY fit. Just makes it sit better, visually

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