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Weekend camping

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Hello all hopes all good with you well this weekend me and my son went glamping to the lincolnshire wolds our campsite was a stones throw from RAFscampton which hosted the 2017 airshow so free to watch from our camp anyway my boy wanted to get closer to the action so we took a drive up to the airbase and concealed ourselves in a gateway as we had only been there five mins when one of lincs finest constables turned up and asked us to politley sod off due to parking restrictions #JOBSWORTH he then told me subaru never made a WRX hatchback WTF lol oh well hope hes better at catching criminals than being a petrol head on the plus side in the tent opposite us was a young lady called joanne who turned out to own a evo so sat round campfire talking cars and general shite top wkend and back to work this morning:(


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Have you been fraternising with the enemy? :rotfl: Was Kian (apology  for bad spelling) doing all the chatting up?

I watched the news and there was no wild fires. 

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Well i tried my best to get her to defect to the darkside she loved the sound of my V-TECH engine :rotfl: and as for the fire satan himself would have been proud i reckon the areoplanes were using it as a beacon :icon_fU:

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Oooh and i sorted a new mod i installed some under scoop LED lighting courtesy of a star wars light saber cant see it catching on tho :rotfl:


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