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Love them or hate them that's your own opinion but I for one I like them so I'm here asking for some advice. I've currently got a Forge atmospheric bov fitted and it's just not what I thought it would be...It's blowing off at high revs and even then it's not the best sound in the world, sometimes it doesn't even make a sound when I release the accelerator...My question to you guys is, is there a good bov that makes a good noise at lowish revs without breaking the bank? I'm quite a noob to engine mods so apologies.


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I have known a few Forge BOV get a little stuck and don't always 'blow off' but a squirt of the magic WD40 normally sorts that out :D

I got the SSQV4 and is quite load and I still have those moments where I purposely let off the accelerate just for the noise, it never gets old.:lol:

If I was to buy another I would definitely go got the adjustable GFB http://www.scoobyparts.com/performance/gfb-tuning-products/gfb-respons-tms-bov

Many will of course tell you to stick with the stock Recirc valve but where's the fun in that

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