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New member with my 1st scooby!

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Hi everyone, just purchased a 2003 53 wrx wagon, my 1st ever scooby. It put a smile on my face just driving it home!:D I'm looking forward to getting out and about in it but first I have a few little jobs to get done:- cambelt and water pump, front bumper respray and an oil change. Car is standard and in very clean condition with the prodrive pack. 

Talking of an oil change, can anyone point me in the right direction with an oil filter. Looking on eurocarparts at Mann filters, there are 3 that come up and I don't know which one is right. Also, any other hints and tips with all aspects of ownership would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi, welcome to sidc. I would buy an original Subaru oil filter (black canister type). as for cambelt kit I use the GATES cambelt kit with all pulleys,cambelt and waterpump. Buy a good quality oil one with triple ester like millers oil.I have a bugeye converted to full sti spec.

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Hi conrod, many thanks for your reply, I have already purchased a gates kit on my mechanics recommendation so that's handy. My mechanic also said about Mann oil filters as they make the original subaru (and indeed other makes) filters. These are black so it ties in with what you have said. 

Thanks again, AdiBoy78

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Woohoo another Wagon :icon_fU: Don't see enough of these anymore. Welcome to the club. I would recommend the guys at Advanced Automotive, they do a great Cambelt kit with Water Pump although many say you don't need a water pump anyway. They will give you great advise if you are not sure what you want/need. http://www.advancedautomotives.com/subaru-car--engine-tuning-parts-155-c.asp


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