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Back Again - Evo Gone Sti Time? Some Buying Help Please

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Been a few years now since I had my Hawkeye and thought I was done with Imprezas after they launched that hatchback thing :redcard:

I bought an Evo X Last year, 2010 X FQ330 and have to say its was the most capable car I have ever owned. Ill probably be flogged for saying it outweighed the Impreza 10 fold in drive capability :icon_hang:

BUT it was not as much fun. The impreza even though I could not corner as fast or aggressive as the EVO it was far more rewarding to drive. I always felt like I had to drive my Hawkeye. It would give me tons and tons of grip and handling and power and stability. But I was always aware of it running out and the possibility of hitting a dry stone wall or spinning off the track. The EVO you just could not crash it unless you purposely drove it into something. For that reason it was boring.

Anyway I am looking for my next toy now and I really want to get something to keep a good few years. I tend to trade my cars a lot as I buy them cash. If I finance something I keep it as theres no money if I sell it. Sounds a bit odd maybe but I know what I am like. So I am after a dealer car for that reason.

I am thinking about a new/ish 2013/14 Impreza STI.

There are not many for sale but the ones that are have low miles been new so I guess I wont have to many issues finding a decent condition one. It will come down to colour and 3k miles over 6k miles etc.

Just thought it would be worth saying hello on here and ask what people think of them and is there anything I should be looking for in terms of spec or condition or issues etc?? anything relevant to buying one.

Thanks in advance and I hope to post a picture soon. For now heres my EVO from the dark side ;-)


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Can feel the tumble weed blowing across the screen.

Anyway been and driven the new STI now and liked it a lot. Did not realise there quite as new as I thought so no 2013 models kicking around lol..... I have seen a couple of pre registered ones online but not in the colour I am after so I am now thinking of buying a new one. Never owned a new car before so if I do it needs to be right and worth keeping a good few years.

Move into our new house in April all been well so my plan is to demolish the garage and build a new one over the summer then get my new toy to go in it. Hopefully a Met Grey brand spanker STI

Watch this space.

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Yep previous saloon stopped importing in 2012 I think so a bit of a gap before the MY15 appeared near the end of last year.

Everyone I know whose driven/owned one are delighted.

Even Rob Ostle has hung up his hatch and bought a new one................ in metallic grey



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