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Vinyl Wrapping Glasgow?

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Looking to get my Classic Spoiler wrapped. Anyone know anywhere in or around Glasgow, as I work in Hillington a lot of the time.



Oops, just noticed this is in the wrong section. Could a mod please move it.

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No idea I have been using them for years for any body work I need on any of the cars I have had. Just had the fibreglass doors and some other bits painted for the RA work always superb. Derek had mentioned that they now do wrapping as I have a carbon bootlid which needs some TLC and cant be painted so will need to be wrapped not sure on price tho. What spoiler is it profile shows newage wagon?

Drop me a PM if you want me to get you some contact details.

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I can ask Derek if he is interested in some form of Group buy if there is enough interest.

Would think to price a job correctly most places would want to see the item.

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Yeh, sorry. Don't have a pic but it's wider than standard by about 200mm to fit the vans roof. It's been joined and filled, just can't be arsed perfecting the surface to paint.



Would think you would still need to fill the gaps where you have joined the sections, wrap would still show that.

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It has been chamfered, filled n smoothed, just not wet n dried. Not too fussed about it as it's a Vivaro and will only see the underside of the surface. It doesn't need to be perfect so I'm just being lazy really. It'll look fine away up there.

Thanks for the offer Gordon but had 2 to start with.

Scuse my Scooby newbieness, but how do you define low, mid and high level then?

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