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2002 Wrx Fuel Smell On Startup

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I have searched the site the best I can and apologies if this is a duplicate of another post and has already been covered/addressed. But wanted to share if it would help anyone else.

In the recent very cold (freezing) weather my 2002 WRX has on start up smelt very strongly of fuel. Checking with my limited knowledge found no issues under the bonnet or visible signs of fuel leaking. 

It was fine if the weather was in plus figures? Checked the Internet and found on a USA site that it appears there was a campaign run by Subaru to replace parts that were failing.

I found my nearest dealer and contacted their service department, who knew all about it and had another model the same age in for repairs.

I have had a call today from the dealer and Subaru UK have authorised the repair, fuel lines to replaced free of charge. From the info below its not affecting many but if anyone is getting the same issues and your scoob falls into the age bracket, give your local dealer a call.

This is some information I have copied from the North American Subaru Owners Club. Not sure if the same thing applies for the UK but gives you an idea of the issue;

'Subaru has initiated a voluntary regional recall to replace specific engine fuel lines and hoses 

on approximately 5,724 2002 and 2003MY Impreza WRX models registered in 16 “cold weather” states located in NOAA Climate Zone 1. 

The affected states are: 

Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York,

South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Campaign code WVK-21 has been assigned to this regional recall.

In extremely cold temperatures, a certain engine fuel line/hose may 

temporarily seep some fuel during initial cold engine start up. 

If this condition occurs, vehicle occupants may notice the smell of fuel.

To correct this condition, affected vehicles will require replacement of the engine fuel delivery line and hose. 

A special repair parts kit will be available in the near future. 

The kit contains all parts needed to complete this repair.

Additionally, Subaru will follow up in early CY 2010 with letters to owners 

that it will provide an extended 12 year/unlimited mileage warranty for this 

condition to owners of affected vehicles located in the remaining 34 states.

General information concerning this Recall:

• Campaign Bulletin WVK-21 will be posted on the Techinfo.Subaru.com website during the week of December 7, 2009. The Bulletin will contain additional information concerning identification of affected vehicles, repair and claim submission procedures.

• Notification letters will be mailed to vehicle owners registered in the 16 affected states on or around December 16, 2009.

• VIN lists will be sent to dealers located in the affected 16 states on or around December 14, 2009.'

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I would give the number on the post after mine a call as its going to be quicker thank the route I took from reading the thread., Mine is a UK model but not sure what the year cut off is to be honest.. Give them a call. Hopefuly you can get yours sorted as well.

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