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davey l wrx

Highland Fling 2012

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Evening all got to say Lynne and myself had a cracking weekend. Sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye but we had to get back before her kids were dumped on the doorstep at 6. Got in with 20 minutes to spare after a run up Loch Ness and across to Aberdeen. Got the pics loading onto Photobucket i'll put some up as soon as i can and once i figure it out i'll get some of the footage up from the in car camera.

Big thanks to Scooby222 for organising things again, can't wait for next year :occasion14:

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Yeah crackign weekend! Got in the door just over an hour ago..

Trying to decide if it's better than the 1st fling, which for me was still the benchmark.. OOoh.. I think just the way things went this year it's top dog now! Definately THE best SIDC i've beeen to!.. so far... :icon_salut: Next year, CANNOT be missed! :thumbup:

Will sort out the handful of photos I took and post them up once done.. Although sounds like i'm goign to need to get my butt on to FB to get access to all the extra extra pic's + vid's :D

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You know you want to join the rest of humanity on Facebook Al, i've already put some pics on the Highland Fling page... no need for photobucket there!

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Here's some pics then


The 'Lost Boys' in Gairloch


Coast road to Applecross


Top of Bealach-na-ba


Heading down Bealach-na-ba


Approaching Skye

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Excellent weekend , top job again Dave Jamie had a ball as did I even with a blowing exhaust . I wouldn't be dissspointed. If we done that again next year .


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Some photos:

Applecross! Only lost a couple of cars this time :whistle:


Top of 'bealach na ba'



Panorama From the top! (Will upload high res version later today)


Overnight Stay in uig


badger, Badger, badger... (you know the rest..) :whistle:


Guess Who!


A row of Scoobies outside the Hotel.. Who'd have thought!


The three bugs!


Another panorama shot.. (bit missing from this one will try and resolve sort later)


And finally... Welcome to Scotland! Why go anywhere else!


Full album here for anyone interested :thumbup:


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what can i say... :occasion14::driving::icon_fU::thumbs: :thumbs: what a brillint weekend . it was awesome and to think how lucky we were with the weather too. thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome to our first fling, and by no means last, sorry had to leave you all at the castle but had to get back to work as could not get the nite off. looking faward to whats next :banana::banana::Wales-flag::Wales-flag:

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Here's one....

not mine by the way nicked the link from Facebook!

Class video! :icon_pray:

Lovin the 3 wheel action, was that "Ballistic"?

General Lee horn a belter too :icon_flower:

Wish I'd bothered my arse to go now :(

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Our first fling and it was absolutely amazing, enjoyed every minute of every mile, met lots of lovely people and the scenery was out of this world!! Pity we've to wait another year for the next one, cant come quick enough!!!!!

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Looks like i missed a great weekend, nice pics. If ive still got the car hopefully make next years!


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My link

This is 6 minutes of one of the best roads i've ever driven along. After our break on the way up, it's up and over the top of Bealach-na-ba.

I know it has my reg on there but that'll be changing when the private plate goes on, according to the RoadHawk camera i didn't go any faster than 52mph either...... felt faster than that at the time!

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Looks like a perfect weekend folks :occasion14:

Maybe next year the guy that wears the :gay: shirts will let me pick the date ;) well done again Dave :thumbs:

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