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Mother Theresa

Goodbye, and thanks...

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Only the oldies will remember me but just for completeness I am signing out of the forum as I am selling the old girl (nearly 9 years old and owned from new) tomorrow after 75,000 miles of absolutely pleasurable motoring. She has only failed me once when I left the keys outside at -6 degrees for 2 hours so not really her fault. The only standard things left are the seats and steering and she will be up on pistonheads shortly I suspect. I attach the spec sheet for interest - Mods this is not an advert as it won't be up for a while - and I will shed a tear when she goes as she is by far and away the best car I have ever owned.

I wish the club continued success.


MY03 WRX Metallic Silver Sportwagon

Purchased: 31.5.03 from Fenny Compton Subaru, Warks


EJ25 2.5 litre block

Forged pistons

STI5 cams

Exedy Clutch

Lightened flywheel

Front Mounted Intercooler

Oil cooler

Simtek ECU with two maps installed

Mapped for Tesco 99 RON fuel.

Induction kit

Bosch up-rated fuel pump

Fuel pressure regulator

Haywood & Scott decat up-pipe

Ported headers

Ported decatted down-pipe

PPP 2.5” exhaust.

TD05-18g turbo running max 1.8 bar

3 gauges in a custom made pod (oil temp, pressure, boost/voltage)

Engine was built to take another 100bhp if wanted.

Currently about 370/380bhp


BC adjustable coilovers

Solid drop links

Strut braces front and rear

Anti-lift kit.

Full geometry set-up about 5000 miles ago

Rota 7-spoke Wheels with 225/40/18 Yokohama Parada-2s


K-sport 356mm front discs

DS2500 pads


STI canards

STI fog light covers

Front metal grille


Sony single DIN with USB port,

Pioneer front speakers

Subwoofer with dedicated amp

Forester single DIN pocket

Tracker installed

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blimey mate, you were one of the originals!...i remember you from the off. we have had conversations maybe a few year back when i was always on here and was always helpfull with any queries.

i wish you all the luck mate in your next project or just life in general!..

i will add though.. sidc isnt the same as it was, i will pop in and out, nothing to do with the club, just think alot of peeps have moved on, shame really,

may see you back one day eh? ;)

good luck,


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Good luck with the sale Adam, sorry to see you leaving the fold and tbh, even more sorry I've not got the funds to take her off your hands - she's an absolutely brilliant motor, someone's going to make for a very lucky new owner.

Don't be a stranger though eh! ;)

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Good luck Adam best of luck in your new venture.



Are you joining TPDC ?? Toyota Prious Drivers Club. LOL

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Remember ou meet for lunch at the AGM many moons ago, nice spec on the Wagon all the best for the tuture :thumbup:

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