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Managment Light Come On

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hi guys

i have done a full decat on my scooby the light stayed of yet now i have done about a hundred miles and the lights come on (engine managment)

i was told by several people that if the oxy sensors were used it should stay of its on aa 55 reg

1st thing if by reseting it will it stay off or will it have to be remaped

2nd is there anywhere in the basingstoke area that can do this



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A reason for why it can come up as the lamber sensor pics up higher emissions so it puts the light up sometimes. If you get it reset it will only throw the fault bak up. It is not always that though if you have a induction kit on it is known to burn out the air mass sensor that can also bring the engine management light up, it just a couple of things I found with my classic might not be the same with a newer one.

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That is way you might feel buddy not saying nothing against it all I am saying is all that is happening is the gases flow faster out and because the cat has gone it coats up the lamba and sends a fault

that old bean again lol

to map or not to map that is the question,

im sure hobbit will get it done all in good time ,ive run 2 classic's for over 80000 miles with no problems at all with a tsl full decat

anyways back to op question

um dont know enough about newage sorry bud, but saba's(spelling) over on sn had his done by jgm as he is a member of hs

so is down near you

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