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When's The Next Weekend Meet

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Have we got a Sunday meet at the Harvester coming Up ?

I was planning to organise a b road blast for the main Sunday meet but to be honest, considering the turn out at meets of late, I decided against it.

That's not to say we can't do something but if the only members attending regularly are from down your way, it seems to make more sense for us to come and visit you guys for once! ;)

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Posted this in another Oxon thread.

There's been a number of reasons to be honest - I've been overrun with work and busy with True Grip, new baby and the like. Iain has been similarly flat out. This has also been compounded by a number of events over the summer that have unfortunately clashed with our regular meets.

That said, the last couple of meets I've attended have had little or no interest with the majority of members coming from other regions.

I'm hoping to organise a run out later in the month if anyone fancies it?

No takers so far! :)

Regular meet would usually be Sun 5th Sept. Confirmation of this will be posted up shortly.

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We've no problem with you guys taking the initiative - that's a good thing in my mind! :)

Well that's call then I will be trying to get to as many meets as I can as I am putting mine up for sale after I do the wheel refurb and respray I think one of those cars that owes me alot of money though and there fore will be one I won't want to sell lol

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I'm normally travelling down the A34 from Bicester to Newbury at least once a week so may well be able to do a divert.

Can't promise anything though as I could end up anywhere in the country, just been told today to look forward to a couple of sunny weeks in Wales & Scotland (although the Scoob will stay at home for these)

I know next week its Mon-Wed in Cheshire, Thursday in Milton Keynes, Friday in Ipswich

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Come over to Reading for our Sunday lunchtime meet or the Tues evening one :)

Go on, you know you all want to ;)

I will come over one night won't be in the next to weeks as I am going bak to Coventry for 2 weeks but when I am bak I will cone down to one of the Tuesday night ones just have to get me know where as not from around here

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