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Winter Tyres

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After slithering around on part-worn RE070s since last Thursday, I finally decided to get myself a set of winter tyres.

Luckily for me Ronnie Thom (Wheels Around) just happened to have a set of 4 Toyo Snowprox 950s in the right size.

These were fitted this morning but I haven't had much of a chance to test them out in the snow yet.

Has anyone encountered any sort of problems in using winter tyres like these?

I obviously don't expect them to grip like the RE070s during a dry summer.

These are 225/45 R17 94V, rather than the more usual, slower H rating.


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I have V rated Winter tyres (Currently Pirelli Sottozero). They're not as good on snow as a lower speed rated tyre, but given most of the winter is not on snow covered roads, I'd say overall they perform better on a Scooby. You really don't want to be running them over the summer. Probably best to swap them over around the end of March/beginning April.

I've run various Winter tyres for the last 10 years, would never go back to driving summer tyres in the Winter. Just remember every tyre still has its limits. Just because they work much better in the snow, it doesn't make you invincible :wub:

Good on you for changing :gay: now if only the rest of the UK would see the light :D

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BMWhere? - Thanks for that.

I had actually read all of your various crusading posts on the subject before deciding to go ahead & get them.

It was really just a coincidence that these are V rated, but it is probably better for the driving that I will do on them.

Relatively little of it is likely to be on snow, but they will hopefully be significantly benefit in the cold & wet anyway.

I would anticipate switching back to my summer tyres & wheels just after the clocks change.


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hi there i have had a good lot o witer tyres over the years the best i found for all round use were vredestein gislaveds were very noisy but hell they all grip on icey roads and snow some good fun i was going throu drifts twa feet deep way the old golf gti :rolleyes::angry: well worth the pennies mate p.s. they are a lot safer too

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