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Wr1 @ The Quay, Musselburgh On Sunday Afternoon

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could u not get him to buy a subaru ive just got ma first subaru, love it to pieces, was speakin to garry the day, he broke down wi his lorry not much goin on in this area on here tho, i c there was a meet at grants house a while ago!

Speak to John (cruz04) he is your regional organiser for the borders sure he has a few plans for this year bit far form you to come for a lothians meet as wee are usually edinburgh or livingston for the meets

Nah geo likes his evos and trust garry to break doon wi his wagon lol


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Yes, that's my black STi that is sometimes in the car park.

I liked the look of your WR1.

I was tempted by one a few years ago,

but held onto my classic until I got this one.

Are you around Musselburgh much?

There don't seem to be too many around here.



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Maxxed Ross- what do you do offshore? I'm an Elec Tech, doin some rope access stuff the now on a gas platform off great yarmouth...weather is brutal but my first week is nearly up. what platform you on?

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I'm a Mech Tech with PSN, was on the Gannet until recently - on the Nelson now

cool bud

I'm an Elech Tech, working in the southern sector just now but done my fair share off Aberdeen and the shetlands. :icon_butt:

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