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A Bad Day

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Jesus. Why the f*ck would someone want to do that? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some people?

Possibly an obvious first post, but report it to the police, I mean thats criminal damage isn't it? I dunno how likely they'll be to catch someone for it, but if you don't report it then theres no chance of someone getting booked for it.

I'm not an expert on the subject, but that looks like someone has applied some very aggressive paint stripper there. I would thinks thats going to require a complete respray which, givens the cars age, will cost a bit less. Even so, its going to be a lot for a complete respray, is it worth speaking to your insurance company to see if they can pick up some of the cost (or if thats covered at all)?

I'm still stunned that someone would do that. I feel so sorry for you and your car.

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**** mate, that just pisses you off dont it, Obvoiusly someone jelous of or with a grudge against you.......you had a go at anyone lately ? I hate ****ers like that that cant just knock on your door if they have a problem with ya to sort it out. I bet the same people are drivin round uninsured in an old rotten piece of **** !!

Hope you get it sorted out soon m8

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Mate, what can I say,So so so so sorry to see this has happened to you, you must be absolutely livid. ditto to above comments re:police and insurance- I sincerely hope your insurance company don't mess you around with this.

My mate has his car paint strippered by some jealous W*****S he had a full respray but within a year the paint had pickled again where the paint shop hadn't completely cleaned the bare metal prior to the respray. ( I Presume that a full respray would be warrantied on a car of your age - especially if its insurance approved repair.

Once again I feel for you.

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I know how you feel. Someone did exactly the same to my Focus. 2 weeks after i bought it.

They walked up my stree with a bottle of fluid (wont say which) and poured it over everything. Even wrecked the plastic on my lights, window trim etc.

I was with admiral at the time, they brought out vandalism cover a year later. I claimed, lost all my years NCB and sent my premium sky high.

I hope you have protected NCB/Protected vandalism cover.

I think there is a central claims fund, but i couldnt be bothered to sue the government to get back some of the cost.

My neighbour had to sell his porsche because he could no longer afford to insure it, after the loss of his NCB also.

These ****ing ****ers suck. If i caught the **** who did it to mine he would not be alive now, and i would be in prison. And if they catch the person who did yours. God rest their soul.

argh im angry just thinking about all this **** again.

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I am extremely shocked to see this.

Why oh Why would someone, why COULD someone even do this to a new car.

Either you have seriously offended someone or there are some very jealous idiots out there with no respect for nothing.

best of luck with getting this sorted & I hope the police find the culprits.


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Just to give everybody an update.

Firstly thank you for all the messages of support. The police and insurance were informed before i posted the original post.

The police showed the level of interest that we have all come to expect these days.... i.e. Q. do you know who it is? A. If i knew that i'd be doing something about it and not bothering you, Q. have they left anything with fingerprints on? A. No. Here's your crime reference number, goodbye.

The insurance company are ok apart from the fact that the car was supposed to be collected for an assessment and i just drove it there and left it cos i couldnt stand to look at it any more. My real issue is that i think it will take months to repair, all plastic/rubber trim, wing mirrors etc are going to have to be replace as the paint stripper melted them and i cant see anyone having all the parts for a new car, not to mention the painting. I am fully expecting the paint to be coming off again and have made sure i have taken plenty of pictures in case i need to go back in the future. The the other issue is, excess and they are saying ncb is intact but in past experience if you go to change insurance companies its still recorded and then it reappears on the next insurance companies records and you cant get ncb from anywhere else without massive hassle.

Have i upset someone who might want to do this? God only knows, i certainly dont think i have.

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