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How Many Old Members Still Here

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2003 ............. My first post there are a few old names in there, and one we have lost but never forgotten.

How you doing Caz?

gosh, yeah.. was about the same time I joined too ... (same month at least)

I'm doing really good thanks...

life has settled down nicely and with the Afla GTV and the Elise on the drive way..... every drive is fun.... :thumbup:

How are you ?

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I used to be on here loads back in 2003, when I bought my Blobeye.

Backthen I started off as Steve77 but changed forum name when I got my personal reg......

Now and again I'll come on here but the days of posting on here all night are long gone :thumbup:


P.S. Still got the same car :thumbup:

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November 2003 was when I joined IIRC..

Not about much these days (sold the Scoob a couple of years back), but still pop in now and again. Lot of names I recognise in this thread for some reason though ;) .. hope you're all well and thriving!



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