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I had a W800i (essentially same as K800i) and thought it was great. Just upgraded to W880i which is even better B)

I think if you can find fault with the K800i, then you will find just as many problems with a blackberry! There are plenty of other phones on the market now that can do email push, so the Blackberry is starting to stand out as nothing more than a personal statement, which these days usually means "I'm unlikely to ever become top management!" :thumbup:

Personally, I use my PDA for all the organiser stuff I need, and if I really need to send an email while on the move, I can connect to the phone via bluetooth. When I go to the pub I can leave my PDA at home and avoid looking like a knob!!

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K800i is not my favourite probably as it's my first non Nokia.

Keys are not the best and it's certainly not as durable as after 8 months its screen is badly scratched and the buttons are peeling.

Does no one find that this opens easily in you pocket and ends up taking pictures of darkness!! I have also found it opens the web browser rolling about in my trousers!! B):thumbup::D

I'm not bothered about the camera and this phone sells as this is one of it's strong points.

I'm looking for a better organiser/e-mail tool with 'voice recognition' like my old N90, qwerty layout and GPS sat nav.

The Blackberry Curve looks good but I also like the PDA option.

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Though I would go for the model up. The phone is made by HTC and is the TyTn model. You may have heard of it under the following names: -

Orange - SPV M3100

O2 - Xda Trion

T Mobile - MDA Vario II

It is a PDA & mobile phone in one, with bluetooth and wireless. I would recommend it to anyone.

And most recently, I installed TomTom GPS software which works an absolute treat with the device's touch screen! :P


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If you do opt for the Nokia N95, bear in mind that there is a revised model coming out under "Nokia N95 8GB". It is still, however, without a touch screen.

This may not be as important to those not using the device as a GPS system with TomTom software.

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Blackberries at work are commonly known as Rasberries because they are cr4p!

They work very well as a data device i.e. email etc. as a phone they are absolutley cr4p.

Same is true for most PDA/Phones... trying to do too many things in one device - One of the biggest problems is always battery life!

Jack of all trades, master of none!

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Same is true for most PDA/Phones... trying to do too many things in one device - One of the biggest problems is always battery life!

Jack of all trades, master of none!

So true Al, I have a nokia N95 and to get a decent battery life, both 3g and bluetooth have to be off.

NB: You cannot use the phone whilst using the GPS. Apart from that, it's a cracking device.

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Guest leebo77

I've currently got a Blackberry 8800, and have had various other models over the last 5 years. They are OK - not the best phones around but the email tools are pretty good. Never had a problem with the battery.

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Battery life is not too important as I will have in-car charging.

How the device operates in it's cradle is important however.

Does the TyTn have a cradle that can swivel it round to use the keys?

I have a TyTn cradle I think at work bottom line is that you can swivel it round but the keys are so small you will crash trying to use them. My experience FWIW is that the windows devices are crap. They are like PC's thaey crash and whats worse you dont know when they do.

I have a Pearl 8100 Blackberry and its the dogs danglies. The voice recognition is built into it and is fecking superb I use it with a Parrott bluetooth car kit...

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Yep, just swapped from an XDAMini IIs to Blackberry 8800. Superb battery life, full qwerty keyboard, phone works a treat (much better than the xda). Just note that the curves don't have gps built in, you need to buy a dongle. The 8800s run gps out of the box.

The voice recognition is fantastic as well. No training needed it just works!

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