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  • By purchasing from the SIDC you agree to abide by our Conditions of Use.

    Conditions of Use  
    Ownership and payment of all goods remain the property of the SIDC until payment has been received in full. Payment can be made online using a credit or debit card via Paypal. Alternatively, the SIDC can accept orders by post which are accompanied by a cheque. Whilst the SIDC make every effort to ensure the information displayed on the site is accurate and correct, we are entitled to adjust prices in the case of errors or omissions, or if a supplier increases their own costs, or the value of taxes change. Where goods are ordered with an incorrect value we will inform you of the correct value. If the correct value is not acceptable you are entitled to cancel the order.

    * Please allow 28 working days for delivery of Memberships, Clothing and Club Merchandise.
    * Postage for Memberships and Club Merchandise is free of charge. Clothing and bulky items such as umbrellas have a standard £5.00 charge associated with them.
    * Show tickets are posted out (recorded delivery) approximately 1-2 weeks before the event itself, as soon as they become available to the club.
    * Where Trackday slots are sold, information and an itinerary will be emailed to you by the organiser, no information will be posted out to you.

    Cancellations, Refunds and Returns
    No refunds are offered for Club Clothing, Club Merchandise, Memberships.
    Event Tickets can not be refunded. Tickets can not be transferred between members. Only Subaru’s being driven by club members will be allowed to park on the club stand at any event. More information can be found here: Click me

    Track Day Bookings

    Places at SIDC Trackdays & SIDC events such as national shows and rolling road days will only be confirmed on completion of a successful booking. These will be able to be made online via the SIDC Shop

    Most events will be for SIDC members only. The only exception being trackdays as we need other bookings to make the day financially viable.

    Cancelled booking cannot be swapped or sold on. If you have to cancel your trackday or show booking, please inform Events@sidc.co.uk so the place can be managed properly, and Members given priority. Cancelled bookings will be treated in the following ways;

    Informed Cancellation – 5 working days notice or more:
    If we are informed of the cancellation 5 working days or more prior to the event and are able to refill the place, 25% of the booking will be retained to cover admin and banking charges, and 75% of the booking fee will be carried forward to another event of your choice. We ask for 5 working days notice so we’re able to give any reserves a fair amount of notice to enable them to get time off work etc.

    Informed Cancellation – less than 5 working days notice:
    If we are informed of the cancellation less than 5 working days prior to the event but are able to refill the place, 40% of the booking will be retained to cover admin and banking charges and 60% of the booking fee will be carried forward to another event of your choice.

    Unable to Fill Cancelled Booking:
    If in the unlikely event that we are informed of the cancellation but are unable to fill the cancelled place with a reserve, 75% of the booking will be retained and 25% carried forward.

    Uninformed Cancellation:
    If we are not informed of the cancellation prior to the event, the whole booking fee will be forfeited.

    All deposits paid to secure a place at a trackday are non-refundable.

    The following guidelines will be followed when making changes/reallocating booked places:

    Reserve Places
    SIDC members will take priority in the reserve list regardless of where they are on the reserve list. However, you should still book as soon as possible to avoid this situation!

    If you are unable to bring your Subaru, or whichever car you booked in, you can bring a replacement regardless of make or model as long as it is eligible for SIDC trackdays, ie: not a single seater. If you choose not to bring another car, we will carry forward a percentage of your booking depending on the notice given and whether there is a reserve list.

    Manufacturers guidelines should always be followed when fitting or using any products purchased from the SIDC. The SIDC takes no responsibility for damage / other losses caused by the misuse or incorrect fitting of any products. The terms of the contract do not affect the consumers statutory rights. These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice

    Paying Memberships
    Memberships purchased for the SIDC are non refundable and by purchasing a membership you agree to abide by the Club Rules.