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  1. Hello mate no worries, it should be a great day. I missed the last outing at ProDrive so don't want to miss the last ever chance this time
  2. Hi Guys 'n Girls, Prodrive are having their 30th Anniversary at their site in Banbury on Sunday the 8th of June from 10am until 1pm. There are not many more details so far, but please keep an eye on: http://www.type-ra.com/prodrive/ for more details as they come up. Should be a great day Cheers, Colin
  3. Yeah, seconded on Old Mill Motors, very dependable and trustyworthy. Cheers, Col
  4. That's damn funny, even funnier seeing the local Lechlade residents turning around looking for cows in the high street
  5. Yeah I'm rather pleased and relieved, to say the least Roll on next saturday and get back bumming around Oxfordshire and burning copious ammounts of fuel As for the garage that should not be mentioned yes steering clear... I guess with the car parked up I can look at getting the remote oil pressure sensor installed and removing the carbon canister too...
  6. Yeah thanks guys, from the lack of any other knocking from the car when we ran it, with timing belt case off, it seems that the problem is now gone. I dread to think what would have happened if I had let the noise go any longer. Not having some of the required know how or tools I would have struggled, but I have learned s thing or two from last nights work, so its a win win situation. I think we need to shout out more about the guys the help us out and name names as it were, positive feedback is a good thing I'll post up some pics of the offending parts a bit later. Looking forward to having the car back on the road next saturday and I see a big exhaust manifold session coming up to a. reduce heat effects on the engine bay and b.keep exhaust temps up and turbo spooling quicker (if that's possible ) Cheers, Col
  7. I came across an issue yesterday which today became a lot worse and manifested itself as a nasty knocking from the front of the car. I feared the worst, as you do. This was the cause of my Mark came around tonight after a full days work to help me out, off his own back too. We took the front end apart to find that the timing belt had a 2 foot section on it that had been eaten away and a 2 inch flap of timing belt was blowing in the breeze hitting all components on its travel around the pulleys. The belt was not a subaru branded one, in fact it had no brand on it. This was apparently a new belt put on by the previous owner. We also found that all the bearings were shafted too (no pun intended)... Anyway long story short, I have a shopping list of stuff to put the car right now. I'd like to say a huge Thankyou to Mark for helping me out and getting me back on track, it just shows what a great crowd the Subaru community is. Mark works at Old Mill Motors in Crawley, just outside Witney, there's not much that Mark hasnt seen or done on Subaru's, he's an unsung hero and a gentleman in my books. I would highly recommend speaking to or visiting Mark at Old Mill Motors if you have problems in the area, happy days Cheers, Col
  8. Hi there, depending how far I can stretch Wilts past north of Swindon, there is an outstanding chap called Mark who works at Old Mill Motors who is a very knowledgable Subaru trained tech. The garage he works in has just setup discounts with SIDC and what Mark doesnt know isnt worth knowing about. It is a wee trek up from Swindon, but you wont be disappointed with the work. Cheers, Col
  9. I had my scoob live mapped with Bob Rawle on the dual carriageway. It might have involved some 4th gear runs on the final settings, so wont say much more than that The live mapping as a lot more realistic in terms of air flow to the I/C but takes some concentration when trying to hold certain revs, but thats 'cos im a crap driver
  10. Excellent, we have a full house are there any provisional starting times yet? Cheers, Col
  11. Rolling Road 1. T5NYW 2011 340R 2. Don 340R 3. Kev1 340R 4. stevie1982 5. Mugs 6. Infected by Sti 7. Richie001 8. Pindie 9. Greg 2005sti 10. Adam 2006 JDM 11. super-ted 12. Muffinman GL sport 13. Vimmy 97 Type R 14. 15 Watching 1. Rob MY05 2. Red SCOOB my03 3. Ed T20 4. JEFF n Sue sport 5. Muffin man bringing cakes 6. Etheridge-Bird 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Always ready for a demo mate, never any need to ask, I'll get it warm and give you the keys, it will go better with out my fat arse in it I have to say it is a superb car, it does everything you want and a car for all occasions - a bimbly car and a fun car too for when the moment takes you Cheers, Col
  13. I think it has to go up to 11 out of 10, the car surprises me everyday, not to mention rattling the windows and waking up the neighbours. Its a different kettle of fish compared to my old wagon, short gearing, short gearshift and a big ass turbo to boot. I keep forgetting it has a turbo in there as i pootle around up to 3000 revs, between gears, and with the current gearing its quick as it is, push it past 3000 and it wakes you up very quickly Wished I had bought one of these years ago, i must get it remapped as it has the full afterburner system including exhaust manifold and also a 3port boost solenoid all with the stock ecu. I have a Simtek to plug in, so time to look at fixing the bent fins on the tmic. The muppet before me drive it around with nearly all the fins bent over so having a lesser effect on charge temp reduction. It makes you wonder how much people look after their cars...
  14. Yikes HKS, that's going to be a loud beastie you'll have to watch the new back-box tailpipe diameter as its v close to the bumper That 3" whole system is going to be awesome, can you tell me what the sportscat is, if you know that is, as I'll need one for mine for the mot? Cheers, Col
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