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  1. Yep, there should be a few of us there on Tuesday night from about 7:30 onwards. It looks like the East Anglia section has gone - not sure where the original thread had been moved to..... Dibs
  2. dibs

    New rear shocks needed

    Hi Mark Camskill is probably the cheapest place for replacements. Have you pushed the dealer for a replacement under warranty - or at least a goodwill payment. That really isn't very long for them to last.... Dibs
  3. Presumably the windscreen fitter supplied a new trim then? Dibs
  4. Thanks to a stone I now have a large crack in my windscreen. Before I call up to get it replaced I'm interested to know what other people have done with regards to getting new trim fitted at the same time. My old car was seriously rusty around the windscreen as I guess the trim wasn't replaced when the screen was changed and I don't want this to happen to this car too. So..... Do I ask Autoglass (or whoever the approved company is) to get the new trim? Will the insurance company arrange for new trim? Will I end up having to order and buy trimfrom Subaru? Also, should I insist on a genuine Subaru windscreen???? Please let me know what you have done! Thanks in advance Dibs
  5. The tracker fitted to the later hawkeyes (possibly all) is a MetaSAT unit. This tells you about the features. It was 100 Euros to renew when I did mine a few month back..... Dibs
  6. If you don't get any joy from Subaru you can get OEM replacements from Camskill for a fraction of the cost. Dibs
  7. dibs

    18" Wheels

    The more I dig the more confusing it becomes...... All the Subaru approved wheel/tyre packages are 18 x 8” and come with 235/40/18 tyres. Offsets range from ET46 to ET51. This doesn’t seem the norm for other suppliers. I can find the following: Inovit Tarmac in 18 x 7.5” ET45 Rota GRA in 18 x 7.5” ET48 The questions are: Is a 235 width tyre OK on a 7.5” wheel or should I look for 8” (like all the Subaru approved ones)? What is the correct offset for 7.5” and also 8” wheels? Can anyone help? Dibs
  8. dibs

    18" Wheels

    Cheers lup, they look very nice! Dibs
  9. I'm looking to get some 18's for my Hawkeye STi and was wondering if anyone had got any good deals lately. I like these but £450 a wheel is taking the Michael. It looks like there are similar style wheels available from Inovit (Tarmac) and Rota (GRA). I guess they are probably not as light but they are almost the same price for a set as for one wheel from Subaru..... Any information gratefully received Dibs
  10. dibs

    New Rims

    Look good. What are they? I'm looking to get some new 18's and am just seeing what's available.... Dibs
  11. dibs

    Psi 3 Data Monitors

    Paul I've uploaded what I have to my gallery here Hopefully this will help but as far as I can see it doesn't detail the sensor specs. You may have more luck trying to find the Defi specs online... Dibs
  12. dibs

    Psi 3 Data Monitors

    Hey Paul - long time no see. AFAIK PSI3 have stopped trading. I think I may have some paperwork at home for the sensors - I'll see what I can find. The previous poster is right - they use the Defi sensors normally but they are pricey... Dibs
  13. dibs


    Try Camskill. Good service and cheap too. Dibs
  14. dibs

    Mpg... Whats Yours?

    Yes, I've done it before in my 57 plate STi PPP albeit taking it very easy . I normally get around 24-25 mpg which with a 60 litre (13 gallons) tank would equate to just over 300. Don't forget the fuel gauges on this MY are rubbish. Even when the light comes on there should be two gallons left. TBH it's much more fun when the fuel consumption is in single figures anyway.... Dibs
  15. dibs

    Decatting / Remap Question

    Agreed - I ran with a full decat without a re-map for years (and around 100,000 miles) with no issues. Re-map is only required to extract the full benefits. Dibs