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  1. Hi Neil,

    Noticed you knew someone that wanted a car with MOT in a deal with his Impreza Turbo 2000... do you know if he's still got the car?? I'd love a wee project Scoob to work away on and have my old runaround Focus which I could do a deal on if he was interested. :)

  2. RS Grant

    Scoobs In Films/tv

    Layer Cake... they tail the yellow range rover in a Bugeye WRX. Cheers, Grant
  3. RS Grant

    2008 Sti Saloon....

    That looks really mean, reminds me of that Grey C63 AMG that Top Gear hoon'd around the track against the new M3 and RS4 in the last series. Cheers, Grant
  4. RS Grant

    A Bad Day

    Felt very sick looking at those photos... I would have to sit down if I saw that sight in my driveway, I'd be very close to passing out. Truely shocking. Really hope this gets sorted and the scum get what they deserve. Cheers, Grant
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  6. RS Grant

    GT Spec Unequal Headers Group Buy!!!

    Thanks GrantyBoy, I'm trying to find out if that guy still has those Headers on Scoobynet in case there are no longer any available from this Group Buy. Cheers, Grant
  7. RS Grant

    GT Spec Unequal Headers Group Buy!!!

    Are the last set of headers still available, I am planning to buy a set ASAP as my standard ones have disintegrated!! I take it that the price is 355 including heatwrap?? Its going on a MY98 UK Turbo. Cheers, Grant
  8. RS Grant

    I PIMPED my ride :)

    That is VERY cool..... If you dont mind me asking, where did you get it from, and how much lighter was your wallet after buying it?? Take it you just upload stuff to it from the Laptop, and it doesnt require a constant connection between the 2?? Cheers, Grant