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  1. Any one been around long enough to remember this amazing event? I'll post the remainder of what I have after I find them on an old hard drive. Found this on Photobucket.
  2. Good god long time no speak. how are things overthere one the isle of man?? Dylan
  3. Im looking to see what happend to my old car after i sold it not sure what happened to it really?? Reg NO. M876 WEJ and a lil pic Thanx Dylan
  4. Its my old one sell it back too me please. M876 WEJ blim hole in centre of rear seat.
  5. It was the initial welcome as i drove in, people just at me as if to say what the f**k, and then i was told by john hardy to park on the sidc stand but when i arrived there i was ignored so i drove back to the ayshire stand. And just incase you were wondering i do own an impreza but i didn't take it on the RBMR cause the brakes were in bits and it would have cost me a second morgage to do the whole event in it, and i didn't take it yesterday cause i was asked specificlly to bring the van and not the scooby. Thanx guys i knew there were some real nice people on here.
  6. After being invited to the NBO by callum willky and john hardy for my efforts on the richard burns memorial relay, i decided to travel the 450 miles to scotch corner and was greeted by the ayrshire crew and a very excited and thankfull john hardy. After just 5 mins i was told that callum wouldn't make it after work commitments which is tottally understandable but the rest of this story is what upset me the most. woke up on a sunny sunday morning to a blanket of scoobs @ the hotel, left for the venue and arrived to a very poor welcome wasn't expecting anything but i don't think i deserved the l
  7. 1. Granby 2. Mochyn 3.Burnsie (van man)
  8. Yeah there is such a thing as two wheel drive but its front tho and 1.6 and not a flat four but inline 4 my naighbour has one to go to church every sunday. Really damn slow Too.
  9. I would love to come to the event and thank you all for the invite. The stickers are staying now as without them its just another van Plus the event ment so much to me, that taking them off would upset me. I would love it if those who attended RBMR1 could send me there pics they took, so i could make a lil stand to go allong side the van with all the two days events on. like a collage. Ive got a few to start it off i just need a few more NO allot more. When i say post i me mean Royal Mail as i aint that good on PC's 6x4s tho. My address is 78 Varteg Road, Ystalyfera, Baby Yeah lik
  10. When you got to go you got to go!!!!!!! And @80 mph i couldn't just wind down the window and tell you[]
  11. Still dont understand what N.B.O stands for. Im guessing its National B???????? O??????????
  12. I know this might sound stupid but wat does NBO stand for as with all the other letter abriviations. not that good with forum speech. Anyone got a list of them and there meaning???
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