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    What's happened

    No Impreza now but pop in once a year ?
  2. paddy247


    Id avoid running it untill you get it checked over by a mechanic, might just be one of the usuall sensors, plugs, coils ect, do u have an air to fuel ratio meter in the car? Did it feel like it was deting or misfiring and where is the clunk noise coming from when u turn it over?
  3. paddy247

    STI8 clutch

    Helix every time m8
  4. paddy247


    have you had any work don to the car recently?
  5. paddy247


    boost, a/f/r, oil pressure, and knock link tucked away somewhere!
  6. paddy247

    Insurance renewal

    Hi m8, classic sti, Im 27 and was paying 800 quid with tesco for me and my missus, now paying 470 with privilege.
  7. paddy247

    power upgrade advice

    spend your money on the exhaust and induction first m8, Full decat & airbox with green panel filter Then Fuel pump, f.c.d, fuel pressure regulator, boost controller, boost guage, air/fuel ratio guage, knock link.
  8. I agree with gordon on this one, too much pish on scottish scoobies, Most of it should be in p/m as it only relates to a few and is hardly car club banter, Im not a stick in the mud and enjoy a bit of banter, but there is limits.
  9. paddy247

    Gearbox Removal

    Have you removed the shaft that holds the clutch fork in place? look on side of engine, small plug, think its a 10mm alen key, remove this and insert a long threaded bolt to pull shaft out, same thread as the ones in your cam belt cover, if using one of them, dont damage it if you need it again. when shaft out lift up fork to disengage from pressure release bearing. If you have already done the above then its just stuck on, work your way around the top of box where joined to block, with diferent size chisels. but be carfull.
  10. paddy247

    LPG in a Scooby

    I know a guy who can do this conversion, and he says they should go good.
  11. paddy247

    How far is too far?

    350 bhp is achievable on standard engine and gearbox, after that often the case of my car breaks engines and eats gearboxes, however 400bhp is possible on standard internals i believe
  12. paddy247

    30 mpg

    I also done about 400 miles on a tank once when i went on holiday, couldent beleve it, normally 180 miles on a tank
  13. paddy247

    1/4 mile time

    What bhp is the car ?, 300 bhp should get you in the mid 13secs
  14. paddy247

    Anyone know what this sticker means?

    I thats the one, BHP sticker lol