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    What's happened

    No Impreza now but pop in once a year ?
  2. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    heres a couple of pics I took myself, not the wifes pics this time lol, the first pic is from the boat as we went across loch ness and the second from the beach at nairn, Both these photos are unedited, there just as i took them.
  3. paddy247

    Bad News Just Got Worse

    my condolences to you and your family, Paddy.
  4. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Kids are still awake, its gona be a long night for santa clause lol, so browsing my old pics and thought id share this with ya. my old scooby
  5. paddy247

    Any Morgage Advisers On Here

    If you can make money off the banks money then thats good news, I have done so in the past when I had my first morgage, Fortunatly I was able to buy my current house outright for cash and living without a morgage really opens your eyes, and if i could doo it all again I would not have that first morgage. Theres curently all sorts of small print coming to light with the so called flexible morgage at the moment, say its a 90% morgage and you house falls in to negative equity they can and havnt rulled out making you pay the difference in a lump sum, this is shocking!!!! I believe there is no such thing as a good deal in this market unless you can gamble and buy in with an interest only deal with a good endownment behinde it for short term return.
  6. paddy247

    Any Morgage Advisers On Here

    Strong Subject this one in the current economic meltdown, if you feel you want, need, hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt which will take most of your life to pay of then its probally not the best time to buy, better waiting on the market to start to recover and pounce just before it is on the up, could be 2 years or more away yet, and in the short term be prepared to lose thousands of pounds on property. Tracker could be the way to go if theres a bit of the gambler in you with the interest rate being so low at the moment, however be prepared for it to rise and rise it will one day. Personally I hate morgages and morgage companys and the goverment for endorsing them, own your own home they say, b******s you dont own it till its paid, miss 3 payments and they are clawing to repo and sell it from under your nose, although it has been extended to 6 now during the turndown. When I worked as a manager, an old buisness man told me, "when your doing your interviews for staff Paddy, employe the ones with morgages" This still rings in my ears today and I dont like how society has a noose round peoples necks, Right any one want to talk about the Unabomber lol
  7. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    My son Dean, getting ready for his first fight for Kinross Amature Boxing Academy in Feb 09
  8. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Cannon 40d Cannon 350d Tracy.
  9. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Had a scan on my photobucket and she has another few uploaded there, here they are Shot with Cannon 10d Shot with Cannon 40d
  10. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Cheers Guys, Tracy was having a peek through the pics earlier on and thought there was some great shots up and asked me to kindly post a few, Heres another couple . Shot on Cannon 40d Shot on large format camera, Pic is as shot
  11. paddy247

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    ok not mine but my wifes, I really like this one so I though id share it with ya
  12. paddy247

    I Did It

    Nice pics Gordon u have an eye for it!!! I jus got one of my wives old cast off cameras, the 350d that I used at knock hill the other night, she is using the 40d at the moment which is a recent purchase as it actually has never tecnology than the next model up the 5d which she was going to buy, but yh Cannon stuff is the way forward. The best thing to spend your money on is the lenses, the 350d and 450d are great entry level cameras, and with a good lense will take just as good a picture as the high end ones, My wife done her Diploma in photography using the 350d and some decent lenses Paddy.
  13. paddy247


    Id avoid running it untill you get it checked over by a mechanic, might just be one of the usuall sensors, plugs, coils ect, do u have an air to fuel ratio meter in the car? Did it feel like it was deting or misfiring and where is the clunk noise coming from when u turn it over?
  14. paddy247

    STI8 clutch

    Helix every time m8
  15. paddy247


    have you had any work don to the car recently?