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  1. What's happened

    No Impreza now but pop in once a year ?
  2. Time Attack Knockhill

    "slippery as an otters pocket" Ill have to remember that one, good write up Scott.
  3. Scottish Scoobies 1/4 Mile Times

    Great to see hows things have progressed indeed Gumball, wonder what it will look like in another 6 or 7 years. Paddy.
  4. Post Pics Of Your Classic Impreza

    A lot of great classics on show, makes me wish I still had my one. will see what next year brings
  5. Awd Motorsport Pulsar @ Totb (c Wright)

    Chris not long till your in the 10 sec club, Well done on your times at TOTB Paddy
  6. Scoob Purchase How Sus Is This

    Theres one of these scams on pistonheads every other day, it could be somthing to do with these guys lol
  7. Honest Opinion Required

    I think they are good looking cars and a lot of car for the money "poor mans porsche"? most of the top of the range Porsche's on the road are not paid for anyway so I hate that argument. I have heard that the early boxters around that age and millage are prone to needing an engine rebuilt, thats from a guy who has done a few. Id still buy one though
  8. Awd Motorsport Time Attack 2009

    Andy get some updated pics up here man!! When this car gets started in the garage, theres always one somebody that shouts out in his best Frankenstein voice "its alive"
  9. Awd Motorsport Time Attack 2009

    here it is at crail, not its quickest time, it done a 10.7 at santa pod ill try and find the link to that one. Peter its still running 4 injectors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlfiGU5tneE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3I7lxjOA2M
  10. Awd Motorsport Time Attack 2009

    Been a few changes since these pics, mainly seats, suspension and saftey features, heres Andys monster
  11. Stolen Today:::::

    Shocking, brood daylight and working hours of the garage to.
  12. Restore Or Modify ?

    Good question this one, id imagine in a few years it will be hard to get an early unmodified classic impreza, so if u have a good one it might be worth keeping it that way, Personally id like to have a standard, concours series mcrae in my garage. With plenty fresh imports of the early versions available at the moment we havent really had to consider restoring rusty old shells as most of these cars as a good as some 2-3 year old uk cars, however some of the early uk cars are showing signs of corrosion, its probally about the time to start on the upkeep of special edition such as the mcrae, terzo, ect, ect, And like has been said on this post already, standard and restored or modified and restored! as long as its done right you cant go wrong. cheers Paddy
  13. Looking For Subaru Tuning

    Give AWD MOTORSPORT IN PERTH A CALL 01738 633336 or www.awdmotorsport.co.uk They can build you anything you want, big budget or small budget. Paint and body work undertaken also. Cars then maped by Andy F Theres been a few of there cars featured in last couple of months, this months one in Japanese Performance and last month one in Total impreza, they all made front cover to plenty more out there in mags and indeed members cars of this site.
  14. The Fat Banana - Pics

    well I wouldnt say no to that! Looks great Paddy
  15. Rear Wheel Arch's Rolled

    Try Grahame the guy that just painted your door, he has the proper equipment for rolling the arches and makes a top job as you know, cheers Paddy