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  1. Another 10 out of 10... I used to drive from Edinburgh to Ayr to have my car serviced there. Nothing was a problem - they fitted my PPP kit and suspension kits. If it hadnt been for a family filling my car these days I would have had at least another 2 scoobs of them. You get a prize if you can get John Spicer to smile
  2. CAN YOU SPARE 2 HOURS PER WEEK? DO YOU LIKE WORKING WITH CHILDREN? Whether you are retired, a student, unemployed or working – Radio Lollipop would like to hear from you! Radio Lollipop is an international charity providing a care, comfort, play and entertainment service on the wards of children’s hospitals across the country. The charity is run entirely by volunteers who undertake play work with the children, reading stories, playing games, painting pictures or just comforting. In Edinburgh we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to commit to just 2 hours per week to help make a child’s stay in hospital a bit more bearable. Contact us now to see if you can make a difference! Radio Lollipop Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children Sciennes Road Edinburgh. EH9 2LW Tel: 0131 668 3097 Fax: 0131 536 0775 dougie.robertson@radiolollipop.org www.radiolollipop.org
  3. I have a TyTn cradle I think at work bottom line is that you can swivel it round but the keys are so small you will crash trying to use them. My experience FWIW is that the windows devices are crap. They are like PC's thaey crash and whats worse you dont know when they do. I have a Pearl 8100 Blackberry and its the dogs danglies. The voice recognition is built into it and is fecking superb I use it with a Parrott bluetooth car kit...
  4. Andy I think its a great idea - Phil stole the idea from the Essex boys and he is desperate to become an honory scotsman rather than being an essex boy. The idea of St3p3n as a logo worries me about as much as seeing phil in a kilt
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